18/8 Fine Men's Salons

18/8 Fine Men's Salons are the creators of the fine men's category of prestige salons, ace barbers, and mobile barbers. We are also the first of the kind to provide consultation centers in the salons for thinning hair, a strategic alliance with Bosley. We have 95 stores operating with area development commitments for another 200.


Abintus Bio, Inc.

Abintus Bio is pursuing in vivo CART products that directly reprogram immune cells from within their native environment using a proprietary viral platform technology. Leveraging $275M in prior technology advancement, the founding team has the relevant playbook and 75 years of collective in vivo virus know how from discovery to pre-launch.


AccuScore (formerly Orion Data Systems)

Accuscore is a fee based sports betting system that is built on the same technology and sports predictions that are provided to the largest sports companies in the world. Subscribers receive expert picks, game previews and predictions for the NFL Pro Football, College Football, College Basketball, NBA Basketball, and MLB Baseball. Our customers include individual customers as well as the largest sports entertainment, news and information companies in the world.


Active Life Scientific

Active Life develops and commercializes life science research and diagnostic tools based on renowned UC Santa Barbara Professor Paul Hansma's latest invention, Reference Point Indentation (RPI). RPI is a patented technology that provides life scientists and doctors the previously impossible ability to measure the physical properties of biological tissues in vivo, without the need for an invasive biopsy. Physical properties of tissues are a known, direct indicator of various states of debilitating diseases, but conventional tools available to measure physical properties are confined to specialized laboratories and operation by trained technicians, severely preventing wide-spread use.


Actuate Therapeutics, Inc.

Actuate Therapeutics is currently advancing a novel best-in-class GSK-3β inhibitor into the clinic for oncology and fibrotic diseases Across multiple institutions, researchers have conducted studies of 9-ING-41 with compelling results. The IND was approved in 1Q18 and a groundbreaking Phase 1/2 study is ready to initiate in 2018.


Adaptive Info – Acquired by Verisfi in 2003 (some return of capital)

AdaptiveInfo provides state-of-the-art server software for Sun and Microsoft platforms for the delivery of personalized content. The company's patent pending technology automatically learns a user's interests as a natural part of their interaction with their mobile device. Applications of AdaptiveInfo's technology include personalized delivery of news, classified ads, restaurant listings, and catalogs of downloadable applications.


Advanced Monitors

Advanced Monitors Corporation designs and manufactures innovative diagnostic products for animals. For the veterinary market, the Company's product line includes thermometers, otoscopes and endoscopes. For the consumer market, the Company's product line includes thermometers and health kits. For the equine veterinary market, the Company manufactures an Equine Exercise Endoscope.



Aggregage creates online communities by aggregating the most engaging content from the best sources around a specific business segment.  We then use the site’s audience to auto-curate the content based on their social media signals.  Content is available both on this audience-curated site and in a personalized newsletter dedicated to the topic.  Our site on eLearning has become the highest trafficked site on that topic.


Agile Nanotech – (some return of capital)

Agile Nanotech Inc. provides compressible liquid energy management solutions. It offers AgileZorb, a nanotechnology-based compressible energy absorbing liquid that improves the safety and comfort for the users of military helmets and body armors; bumpers; and consumer products, including shoes, sporting goods, protective vests, and shin guards. The company’s product absorbs and then releases an amount of shock, impact, and vibration energy normally transferred into a person's body. Agile Nanotech Inc. was incorporated in 2007 and is based in San Diego, California.


AgTools Inc

AgTools Inc. provide a food supply SaaS platform offering real-time intelligence to farmers and buyers using data algorithms to help manage market volatility, increase profitability and reduce the world’s yearly 74 billion dollars in food waste.


AirAllé (from Larada Sciences)

Larada Sciences is a Salt Lake City, Utah-based company dedicated to the eradication of head lice. It has built the world's largest network of lice-removal professionals. Its flagship product, AirAllé® (pronounced air-a-lay) is an FDA-cleared medical device that kills head lice and 99.2 percent of lice eggs in a single, one-hour treatment. Formerly called LouseBuster, the AirAllé device is used by lice-removal professionals around the world to provide a safe, fast and highly effective lice treatment. The company is a spin-out from the University of Utah that was formed in 2006.  


AIRSIS – Acquired by Oceaneering in 2014 (6x multiple)

Airsis is provider of remote asset management software services. AIRSIS’ revenue for 2013 was approximately $7 million, and its future financial results will be included in Oceaneering’s Subsea Projects segment. This acquisition is expected to enhance Oceaneering’s current asset tracking service offered on offshore drilling rigs and vessels engaged in subsea activities. Asset tracking information is utilized by customers to establish a common operating picture, which improves operational efficiency and enables incident and emergency response collaboration and reporting. This picture collects and displays real-time data associated with an offshore operation, including rig or vessel position, metocean conditions, remotely operated vehicle video, and subsea survey information.


Allotrope Medical

Allotrope Medical is a Y-Combinator and venture backed company that has developed StimSite, a proprietary smooth muscle stimulation technology that allows surgeons to quickly and safely identify critical structures such as the ureter during surgery. Our StimSite technology integrates with the surgeon's existing instruments.


Allylix – Acquired by Evolva in 2014 (2.6x multiple)

Allylix, Inc., an early stage biotechnology company, develops terpene products and their derivatives for the flavor and fragrance, food ingredient, pharmaceutical, agricultural, and biofuel markets. Its products comprise nootkatone, which is a grapefruit flavor that is used in fruit juices and citrus flavored sodas. The company also develops sesquiterpenes that are part of aroma chemical segment of the flavor and fragrance market; and production platforms for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and agricultural markets. Allylix, Inc. was founded in 2002 and is based in San Diego, California with research and development laboratories in Lexington, Kentucky.


Amplyx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (acquired by Pfizer in 2021)

Amplyx was founded on a mission to develop a new class of antifungal medicine that would overcome the severe limitations of today’s therapy options. With a proven management team and strong financial position—having raised a total of $51.5 million in venture capital and received more than $10 million in grants from the National Institutes of Health—Amplyx will enter clinical trials in 2016 for its novel drug candidate APX001. The company is based in San Diego, with its research operations located at Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLABS.


Amsel Medical

Simple, Secure Occlusion. Amsel Medical's CE mark and FDA cleared SCureClamp™ with Interdigitation Occlusion Technology (iDOT™) is designed to easily and securely close vessels – veins, arteries, and tubular structures – during surgical and interventional procedures.


AnyMeeting – Acquired by Intermedia in 2017 (returned some capital)

AnyMeeting is the all-in-one conferencing solution for small business and medium businesses. From conference calls to video conferencing to webinars, we've got you covered. Meet, interact and collaborate with up to 200 others anytime and anyplace. AnyMeeting provides a full featured web conferencing solution. For Free. We are able to make a superior service for online meetings and keep it free through the help of the AnyMeeting user community. Our users are passionate about the AnyMeeting service and help build the community by spreading the word to their friends and colleagues. Our advertising revenue model keeps us in the black and allows us to add the cutting-edge features that our users want.


Apeel Sciences

Apeel Sciences develops plant-derived technology to help USDA organic and conventional fresh food providers maintain quality, reduce waste and ensure an abundant future for our planet.



Aquacycl provides the only technology for distributed wastewater treatment that can reduce primary sludge, recover energy as direct electricity (no methane), and enable onsite water reuse. Aquacycl technologies result in a 50-95% reduction in treatment operating costs, while providing customers immediate savings through leasing programs.


Arima Genomics

With Arima Genomics Discover the Power of 3D Genomics to Unlock New Biological Insights, Drive Biomarker Breakthroughs, Identify Therapeutic Targets and Improve Human Health. Gain unparalleled access to the sequence + structure of any genome. Reveal how spatial and temporal changes in chromatin conformation alter gene regulation and cellular function.


Ascendant Spirits

Organized in Santa Barbara with friends and family by Stephen Gertman in late 2011, Ascendant Spirits is the first craft distillery in Santa Barbara County, one of the premier fruit and wine grape growing regions in the USA. Ascendant Spirits uses American grown grains and the best local organic produce as key ingredients for its distinctive handcrafted vodka, moonshine and whisky products.


Ataxia Biologics

Ataxia Biologics is a clinical-stage biotechnology company that is a leader in the growing field of gut-targeted therapeutics — orally administered, minimally absorbed drugs that are designed to act locally in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract including the mouth, throat, and intestines. Avaxia’s proprietary oral antibody platform makes direct delivery of antibodies to the GI tract possible by overcoming some of the traditional limitations of antibody therapeutics. Avaxia’s lead clinical candidate, AVX-470, is an oral anti-TNF antibody for inflammatory bowel disease. This transformative product offers potentially improved safety and efficacy over existing anti-TNF therapies by focusing immune suppression only where needed in the diseased gut. Avaxia is developing gut-targeted therapeutics to address many other serious diseases such as type 2 diabetes, celiac disease, GI acute radiation syndrome, and oral mucositis.


Atlas Apps

 Atlas Apps offers the fastest, easiest way to schedule anything on your mobile device.


Atlazo, Inc.

Atlazo is developing a digital platform for continuous health data monitoring, aggregation and analytics driving a major impact on prevention and treatment with actionable data and analytics not previously available. Our IP has been validated in silicon and have a signed agreement with a lead customer for joint development and supply.


Banshee Bungee

The Banshee Bungee (BB) is the most innovative tool to hit the action sports market in the last ten years, allowing users to gain instant speed, eliminating the need for a drop-in ramp. This performance accesory has become a “must-have” for the urban rider, and essential tool in the snowboarding community, and it's quickly catching on with skateboarding and water-sports, creating new opportunities beyond the snow. The (BB) is encased in a performance bag, making set-up and take-down easy, so grab a (BB) and stretch the limit


Beacon Healthcare

Beacon Healthcare Systems is a leading provider of Medicare Advantage and PDP compliance management technology solutions. In today’s climate, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) mandates adherence to over 200 rules and regulations. Failure to identify and take corrective action on compliance gaps represents significant business risk that can result in severe penalties and sanctions. Beacon provides Software as a Service (SaaS) compliance management solutions, regulatory content integration services, and compliance operation services to keep your plan’s compliance program up-to-date and prepared for CMS audits. Our solutions help you train employees on policies and procedures, provide documented evidence of corrective actions, manage governance processes, improve efficiencies, and enhance transparency. Beacon’s solutions are designed to meet the needs of plans with 2,000 members or more.



BeJane is an online neighborhood where women of all ages and DIY skill levels can find the inspiration, information and encouragement to change their homes.  So we created a dynamic community for all women, be they beginners who have never picked up hammers, weekend do-it-herselfers, or professionals in the industry. Be Jane offers an ever expanding range of home improvement articles, tips and tricks, videos, tutorials and how-to guides. We're here as a resource for you to turn to whether you're in the planning stage or knee-deep in plaster and having an "Ai yai yai, what have I done?!" moment (and trust us, we've been there). What differentiates us from other DIY sites is our focus on home improvement from a woman's perspective. No, that doesn't mean that we're all about pink. It means that we not only show you the "how-to" that gets the project done in a way that's relatable and easy to follow, but we also focus on how that project will enhance your life—or, what we like to call the "why-to."



Berrifit Plant-Based Electrolytes.  A refreshing approach to hydration. When you drink better, you feel better. All our delicious organic beverages are made with only premium ingredients and are naturally rich in plant-based electrolytes. Because we believe you shouldn’t have to compromise to live a healthy lifestyle.


BetaBlocks Company

BetaBlocks helps organizations evaluate, architect and implement blockchain technology, with a focus on three key Blockchain areas: - Education and training - Technology implementation - Startup acceleration



BeTheBeast knows everything about what it takes to get recruited to a college team. Our database of more than 1,300 U.S. colleges is packed with stats and roster info, so we can match up your skills with the colleges that are most likely to be interested in recruiting you! Once you have identified your target colleges, BeTheBeast will help you every step of the way as you pursue your goal of being recruited to a college team.


BioAesthetics Corporation

BioAesthetics' is transforming lives through advancements in biomaterials. It has developed NACgraft - an acellular tissue graft for regeneration of the nipple-areolar complex (NAC) for breast cancer/mastectomy patients. NACgraft is clinic-ready and BioAesthetics expects to register with the FDA as an HCT/P and begin sales in 2020.


Bitvore Corporation

Bitvore is a real time, big data consuming and processing monster. Point it at virtually any and all data sources you want — social media feeds, websites, RSS feeds, data firehoses, you name it — and Bitvore will plow through all of them like a hungry grizzly in a beehive. What you get back is clean data mashup, fully processed, broken into pieces tagged by concept, and ready to pump intelligence into your real-time apps or to power your business insight magic.


BizBuyer – Acquired by SmarterWork in 2000 (Some return of capital)

The BizBuyer is part of the Centre Group of companies. The Group consists of a vast range of business related companies. Some of the notable companies in the group include: www.formationshouse.com Worldwide company registration agents. Over 400,000 companies registered globally over the past 8 years. www.graphics4less.com Graphics design services. Over 60,000 projects completed. www.infini.com Leading edge software house. Developed infiniMation one of the largest software projects in the history of IT, with over 60 million lines of code and 5000 modules. www.accountscentre.com Global accounting services company, which has prepared and filed 94,000 tax accounts in 5 continents over an 8 year period. www.translationshouse.com Global translations services, with over 15,000 projects completed. We support a wide range of government and industry standards Our enterprise software has been approved for E Filing by the HMRC. Our company management software has been approved by companies house for efiling. From our inception we have implemented the 6 Sigma quality standard





Blue Social

Blue is a technology company that opens new market space by creating the first Bluetooth Market Network enabling anyone with a smartphone to discover, pay, interact with people and things autonomously, via short-range wireless communications.


Blue Titan Software – Acquired By SOA Software in 2003

The company was founded to address the unique requirements of Mission-Critical Web services, which enables companies to realize the promises of service-oriented computing architectures while delivering the needed performance, manageability, and security required for enterprise computing environments. Customers include Fortune 500 stalwarts and delivers its technology to market through a network of partners that include some of the leading enterprise computing companies such as IBM and BEA Systems.


Bluebeam Software – Acquired by Nemetschek AG in 2014 (20x multiple)

In short, Bluebeam Software makes smart, simple solutions for paperless workflows that leverage the PDF format. It all started back in 1997 when we developed CAD to PDF creation technology for aerospace engineers. Now their award-winning PDF creation, karkup and edition solutions are used by the world's top architecture, engineering and construction firms, as well as government agencies. They also have a strong following among tablet PC users, students and educators, accountants and even lawyers. They don't just create "easy-to-use" software, but they design ways that make their software feel like second-nature. the are avoid complex jargon and "corporately" politics like the plague.



BlueNalu is pioneering the category of cell-based seafood, in which we will provide consumers with great tasting seafood products that are healthy for people, humane for sea life, and sustainable for our planet. This is a transformative technology, that is anticipated to disrupt the entire food industry, and BlueNalu is the global leader


Bouqs Company

The Bouts Company is an online florist. We think of ourselves as a company, rather than a corporation. You know how you have company over to hang out, chat and have fun? That’s us. We’re company. We just so happen to be solving a problem while we're enjoying that company, and that problem is the customer experience when ordering flowers. In short, prior to us, buying flowers online SUCKED. No more! We don't believe it's necessary to build tricks or half-truths into a customer experience to get someone to buy a product. Maybe that used to be the case, but with us it will never be. We believe we can be straightforward and honest and still build a really great business. Being good to the customer is not antithetical to financial success. The two are, actually, best friends. We think of our customers as friends. Think about it: giving the gift of flowers is kind. It's nice. It's thoughtful. We like people that are these things - and that's what you're here to do. We love that! We will treat you as part of the family in every way we possibly can, and we will help you show love to those around you through flowers. Love. An easy word to throw around. But we honestly love this stuff. Building something new. Changing the way something is done. Maybe we're not changing the world, but we're making it easier for you to send a meaningful message via flowers. And that's pretty cool. Flowers have always been about [...]


Brain X

BrainX helps customers achieve their performance goals by developing online learning environments that use the latest neurobiology, educational philosophy, and computer interface technology research.



BrandAmerica specializes in expansion of American brands, products, and chains into Pacific Rim countries. Its services also include capital structuring, funding, valuing, and advising American and Asian buyers and sellers in cross border M&A transactions.



Breadware manages an ecosystem of (Internet of Things) IoT product development. The Breadware platform provides a complete IoT product development solution for businesses at a speed and reliability unmatched in the industry.


Buy It Installed

Buy It Installed (BII) is a button integrated into a retailers ecommerce site which enables a consumer to buy their product with manufacturer certified service. Sounds simple, but only possible through automating a complex human system that works at scale. See summary at https://youtu.be/LQyJ3tN-150?t=5


Capillary Biomedical, Inc. (Subcutaneous insulin infusion)

CapBio has developed technologies to simplify diabetes management and improve the quality of life for millions of diabetics. The Company’s first product is a patented Continuous Subcutaneous Insulin Infusion (CSII) set and patent pending insertion device that improve the effectiveness of insulin delivery and double the duration of use.



CardioCreate is pioneering a bold, new approach to heart disease.  Instead of treating the symptoms of heart attack and heart failure, our genetically-engineered stem cells replace damaged heart tissue with healthy, functional heart tissue.  Heart disease is the greatest single component of healthcare costs today, and this regenerative approach could dramatically reduce those expenditures.  Our mission is to advance this promising technology through preclinical development and clinical trials so that it can improve the lives of millions of patients.


Cargo Tech – Acquired by Cold PacK System in 2006 (1.6x multiple)

Cargo Tech is leading the charge to bring local cartage and freight handling into the 21st century. Committed to using the latest technology to streamline the operations of Cargo Tech and our customers. Don’t waste time on the phone or wait for faxed copies of P.O.D.’s.Reduce your operating costs by using this website to become more efficient. Cargo Tech can provide an invoice complete with costs and a typed P.O.D. through this website.


Carterra (formerly Wasatch Microfluids)

Carterra  (formerly Wasatch Microfluids) is dedicated to the advancement of label-free biomolecular interaction analysis, with a passionate focus on throughput and quality. it is a Fully Integrated High Throughput mAb Characterization Platform.



Cartogram provides software to healthcare systems which improves the patient experience by enabling anyone to navigate from anywhere to anywhere - inside, outside, and between buildings. Patients can use Cartogram to seamlessly navigate from their home, to the correct parking garage, to the correct entrance, and ultimately to the location of their appointment inside of the hospital. Cartogram customers include one of the most well-known children's research hospitals in the world, one of the top 50 largest healthcare venues in the US, and a system known for being a leader in patient experience in the PNW.


CaseStack – Acquired by Hub Inc. for $255M in 2018 (15x multiple)

CaseStack provides full logistics outsourcing services to companies that sell products to retailers, distributors and other manufacturers. CaseStack combines an advanced transportation and warehousing system with proprietary, web-based software to provide end-to-end fulfillment services that enable customers to reap the benefits and economies of a sophisticated, global logistics system without all of the usual infrastructure costs.


Cashie Commerce

The team behind Cashie Commerce has been providing ecommerce solutions to businesses for over ten years. In those years, small businesses would often come to us with a desire to sell online, but without the skills or time to do it on their own. In 2011, we decided to solve that problem by leveraging our ecommerce expertise to create an easy to use platform that not only provides the engine to sell online but the engine to drive traffic and sales as well.



Castifi: On-Demand Platform for Hiring Short-Term W2 Staff Production Companies onboard more W2 Staff in one year than many Fortune 500 companies. They do it with an outdated and costly paper-based system. Our platform is a single true source for Hiring Managers to see who's been onboarded, well reviewed, and available to work right now.



Powerful + Simple. Named as the “Overall Wireless Broadband Solution of the Year” for 2020-2022, Celitech helps travel-related companies offer branded eSIM service to generate new revenues and mobile engagement while helping their international travelers save up-to 80% on data roaming.


Ceresti Health Inc.

Ceresti Health Inc. We leverage and support family caregivers to improve cost and quality outcomes for multi-chronic patients, beginning with those that have Alzheimer's Disease and other dementias. Our customers are at-risk providers and payers, including Medicare Advantage health plans.


Cherryvale Farms

Cherryvale Farms makes the world's first 100% plant-based baking mixes that focus on fresh fruits, veggies and nuts while being easy, affordable and fast for the home baker.


ClearCare – Exit via Battery Ventures investment in 2016 (3.2x multiple)

ClearCare provides a comprehensive system for the management of home care agencies including mobile- and telephony-based point-of-care, scheduling, billing, payroll, alerts, CRM and more. ClearCare helps Home Care agencies operate efficiently and grow but is working on helping solve these huge problems at all levels. We see a future where home care is the only choice for aging in place. We are working towards a model where payment for these services is seen as preventative versus after an acute care condition. And, caregivers play such an important role, too. By equipping caregivers with the right training and tools, they can dramatically lower the overall cost of care, reduce hospital admissions, and bend the cost curve of aging. These are big goals but we're making progress on these each day and thank our agency partners for enabling us to drive this mission forward.



CLiCS is going to revolutionize the $7 billion professional salon hair color industry with the first computer-controlled hair color dispenser and mixable line of colors. CLiCS' robotic dispenser enables more color choice, repeatable color formulas and a streamlined supply chain that allows salons to offer better service and save money.


ClimateMinder – Acquired by Rainbird in 2012

Founded in 2005 and based in Glendale, CA, ClimateMinder, Inc. offers a wireless, real-time solution that enables growers to more effectively monitor and control their irrigation. It helps growers reduce costs associated with their use of essential resources such as water, energy, and fertilizers, in addition to increasing crop yield and quality.


Cloud Sight (formerly Image Searcher)

Image Searcher is a tech company that is specialized in image recognition and mobile visual search. Its aim is to deliver a greater mobile visual search solution to people around the world, and to become a global leader in image recognition and mobile visual search. It has released two highly successful mobile apps that include CamFind, a visual search engine that can photograph, identify, and provide information on any object, at any angle; and TapTapSee, a camera app for the blind and visually impaired that uses VoiceOver, iOS accessibility feature, to identify and speak the images back to the user. Image Searcher has also released its API, CamFind API, to the public. Image Searcher was founded in 2012 and is based in Los Angeles, C.A.



Myfrontdesk, the Cloudbeds property management system (PMS), is a browser-based frontdesk for your property. With it, you can check-in and check-out guests using an attractive drag-and-drop interface. Use it to push updated availability to your Internet booking engine and channel manager. This makes your prices and inventory the same at your hotel, on your website, and on OTAs.



CloudKeyz - Common-area access management reinvented. We’ve taken those old metal call box intercom systems and put them in the cloud so property managers have the power to securely manage community doors, gates, and garages from an easy web-admin, with property branding features built in! Give residents and guests convenient control to move about the property key-free with a mobile app or beautiful touchscreen. Residents now have the power to video chat or request photo confirmation from guests who are requesting secured access to the property. With CloudKeyz, property managers give their property the “cool factor”…all for the monthly cost of a cable bill!



Codelucida is developing new disruptive error-correction technology for next-generation for storage and communications with initial focus on solid state drives (SSDs). The technology addresses a major need in the growing SSD market as SSDs face major issues in terms of reliability, speed, and power.


Cognition Technologies – Acquired by Nuance in 2013 (2x return)

Cognition's Semantic Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies add word and phrase meaning and understanding to computer applications, providing a technology and/or end-user with actionable content based upon a semantic knowledge of the language. This understanding results in simultaneously much higher precision and recall of salient data within the universe of possible results.


Cognition Therapeutics — IPO in 2021 (3x multiple)

Cognition Therapeutics is a drug discovery company using proprietary and biologically-relevant screening and chemistry platforms to closely model the pathology of neurodegenerative diseases. The company’s lead program is focused on the discovery of small molecule therapeutics that block the action of the toxic soluble oligomer proteins that cause the cognitive decline associated with Alzheimer's disease (AD).  This program has identified first-in-class drugs that selectively block soluble Abeta oligomer-induced toxicity on synapse function.  These drugs are expected to be disease modifying for Alzheimer's disease.



Coin-In delivers entertainment-based CRM solutions that connect consumers to their favorite brands 24/7, anytime & anywhere.  



ComFreight (CMFT) integrates load matching and automated payment advances to carriers/brokers. Existing providers only focus on spot-rate price matching or are simply just a mobile app. Our shippers receive multiple/matching bids & we automate the payment process to carriers/brokers. That’s what differentiates & uniquely positions us.


Companion Medical – Acquired by Medtronic in 2020 (58x multiple)

Companion Medical are developing an insulin pen with bluetooth radio which tracks doses to a smartphone. This allows us to add insulin pump features like dose calculators, dose reminders and therapy reporting on the phone. By adding these features we can improve diabetes control, while saving significant money. We sell our pen for $500 and it lasts one year, this is a huge cost savings from insulin pumps.


Comsero Inc

Comsero designs, manufactures, and sells products that inspire creativity and foster collaboration.


Concert Health, Inc

Concert Health is re-architecting America's Behavioral Health system. We provide the remote specialist clinicians (therapists & psychiatrists), know-how, and technology infrastructure to help physician practices deliver high-quality, evidence based behavioral health care and take advantage of new reimbursement


Conectric Networks

Conectric is the first company to monetize energy savings in hotels under a SaaS model. Our patented solution of hardware and software identifies room occupancy with 99.9% accuracy and controls A/C and other loads. We can save up to $100K per year per hotel without charging them up front fees while still making 70% gross margin.


Connected Signals

Connected Signals (originally, Green Driver) is a high-tech startup, focused on providing traffic signal state and predictions to drivers, automakers, and others. Our engineers have developed sophisticated techniques to predict upcoming signal states. Knowing the current state of traffic lights and how they will change creates opportunities to increase driving safety, increase fuel efficiency, reduce your driving time and improve the driving experience. Applications range from EnLighten, which tells drivers when the light they are stopped at will turn green, to vehicle powertrain optimization based on the state of upcoming lights. Safety is our number one priority. We alert drivers to possible dangers without distracting them. For example, EnLighten tells drivers stopped at red lights whether they have time to catch their breath for a few seconds, change the radio station, or pick up the papers that fell on the floor. EnLighten waits until the car stops, so the driver is not distracted, then announces how long the light will be red and gives a visual countdown. A few seconds before the light turns green, an alert sounds to tell the driver to focus on to the road. Another service we are developing warns drivers when they, or another connected vehicle, are about to run a red light. We partner with municipalities, handling the complexities of gathering real-time signal data and making it available in consistent formats for a variety of uses. Unlike other connected-vehicle technologies, our approach requires neither costly municipal infrastructure investments nor the addition of dedicated hardware to every vehicle. We communicate securely with existing traffic-signal [...]


Continental Windpower

Continental Windpower is a clean energy company using state-of-the-art technology to generate clean, low cost, renewable electricity from the wind. Wind power is a smart, sustainable, and water-conserving way to produce energy that reduces our dependence on fossil fuels.  Generating more electricity using the wind helps support the global community by providing the energy society needs to improve living standards. We manufacture modern, midsize wind turbines which are designed to be exceptionally reliable and are much more economical to install and maintain than large, megawatt turbines.  We are setting new standards for wind turbine testing and are offering warranties that are longer than the industry standard. Continental's midsize wind turbines are perfect for schools, cities, counties, farms, factories, communities, and other large power users who want to stabilize their energy costs.  We sell our wind turbines to our customers or install them and sell the electricity.  In either case, we provide full monitoring, maintenance, and repair services. We can work cooperatively with other wind developers and large megawatt size wind farms, as our turbines can be used in locations where the large turbines are too big or too difficult to transport and install.


Controltec – Acquired by Firmament in 2021 (3x multiple plus upside)

Controltec has delivered software and Internet solutions since 1993. As a specialized Applications Service Provider, Controltec develops and nationally markets software products and services available over the Internet. Controltec is specialized in two major areas: Systems for subsidized childcare Government and e-government initiatives Based on a comprehensive understanding of the subsidized child care industry, Controltec’s childcare product line is unparalleled. Controltec is focused on serving agencies administering subsidized childcare. Welfare reform has posed complex administrative challenges to state, county, and local government agencies. With client agencies in California, New York, Ohio, Virginia, Florida and Alaska, Controltec understands the day-to-day issues and practicalities of managing childcare agencies. Controltec’s core technical capabilities include database development based on the Microsoft SQL Server system, web development using Microsoft Internet Information Server, and systems software development on the .NET platform using C# as the programming language. In addition, Controltec’s development team is well versed with Visual C++, Visual Basic, Java, and Crystal Reports. These technology capabilities enable Controltec to offer client/server systems for operation within its clients’ facilities and to provide migration paths to web-enabled systems.



CourseKey is an EdTech SaaS platform that allows instructors to take control of all student devices within the classroom and automate admin tasks, boost interaction and increase student outcomes.



Crafter delivers detailed, digital workshop experiences and curated kits of tools & materials by expert artisans to makers all over the world to explore personal creativity at home. Our next target areas of growth: a two-sided marketplace for online classes (think OutSchool), a robust eCommerce site, an online community (Ravelry)


Crater Group Co

CRATER is disrupting the moving and relocation industries by transforming antiquated processes and systems through innovative technology, superior customer services and highly efficient lead management solutions.


CRISI Medical Systems – Acquired by Becton Dickinson in 2015 (1.6x multiple)

 CRISI Medical Systems, Inc. (CRISI) is a San Diego-based company focused on the development of innovative drug-delivery systems. These systems are designed to improve clinical outcomes and lower healthcare costs by making the administration of intravenous (IV) injectable drugs safer, more accurate and more cost-effective. CRISI’s systems will bring many of the patient safety and information management advances found in sophisticated IV infusion pumps (i.e. “smart” pumps) to manually injected drugs, which account for roughly half of the 1.3 billion IV medication doses administered annually in the United States.


CrowdTorch (formerly LaughStub) – Acquired by Cvent in 2012, then by Vendini in 2015 (2x multiple)

CrowdTorch is an audience management platform that provides mobile applications for consumer and social events. CrowdTorch develops markets, sells, and supports Cvent's consumer event management solutions as CrowdTorch is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cvent. It is a world-class organization in digital event marketing and management. It comprises a suite of feature-rich tools, including white-labeled ticketing, mobile, website, social, and engagement and fan insights. CrowdTorch is a platform that is designed to help venues, promoters, artists and event organizers in a variety of industries and sizes engage fans, drive revenue and generate valuable insights to better market to their crowd. In addition to client branded point-of-sale sites, CrowdTorch also powers primary sites for fans to find and buy tickets to events, including LaughStub for comedy, TuneStub for music, and ElectroStub for electronic dance music and nightlife.


Cruiser Systems (formerly Park Tours) – Sold IP in 2013 (some return of capital)

Park-Tours, Inc. is first to market with the only portable Guest Services device that requires no installation. From line-bypassing and scheduling reservations to real-time wait times and interactive mapping, Park-Tours' Cruiser Systems™provide the ultimate day for your guests. Cruiser Systems are perfect for any large geographical facility, including theme parks, zoos, museums, cruise ships, aquariums, restaurants and more. Available for both PDAs and cell phones, Cruiser Systems remain at the forefront of technology in wireless guest services. Follow the links above to learn more about Park-Tours, Inc. and our technology.


CudaSign (formerly Sign Now) – Acquired by Barracuda Networks in 2013 (1.3x multiple)

CudaSign cuts document turnaround time by as much as 90% by allowing you to sign online. Get legally binding signatures from your customers, partners and employees in seconds using any device. You will save countless hours chasing signers, get deals done faster and help the environment. With CudaSign, you never need to search for a paper agreement again. Your documents are stored in a secure cloud. CudaSign gives you control over your document workflows and lets you easily integrate signed documents with other electronic systems.  



CURB, Inc., an Austin startup, designs and sells the most powerful and intelligent integrated hardware/software system for visualizing and managing energy in residential and commercial settings. Customers can easily identify energy usage patterns, control appliances and optimize behavior for cost-savings.



Approximately 2.4 million diabetic foot ulcers are diagnosed each year in the U.S, many progressing to lower limb amputation. It is estimated that the U.S. healthcare costs for treating diabetic foot ulcers and related amputations exceed $10 billion per year. Treating diabetic foot ulcers that have continually failed standard care therapies is a frustrating problem. CureCare has been developing and testing a treatment therapy system, O2Misly™, which actually heals these, failed wounds. CureCare has been conducting an IRB approved study using O2Misly™ on chronic diabetic foot ulcer patients at two clinics in southern California. O2Misly™ technology is a new method, a medical device that offers a combination, adjunctive therapy to the standard of care. O2Misly™ provides oxygen infused under micro tension in a closed chamber blended with a mist, which also delivers an antimicrobial to the affected area. O2Misly™ technology is producing remarkable results. Patients that had failed various standard of care therapies and have had open wounds for years are seeing their wounds finally heal. CureCare Technologies, Inc. is excited to bring the O2Misly™ Wound Treatment System to a patient population that has faced the consequences of a debilitating disease with little hope of winning their battle.



CurvaFix has developed the first and only orthopedic implant which follows natural bone curvature and fills space with the bone to speed recovery, shorten surgery and reduce cost for pelvic fracture fixation, a $600M world wide market.



The Cyber-Rain XCI controller is designed for homeowners who want to save time, money and natural resources with an easy-to-use system that they can easily install and run themselves. It uses the most modern wireless technology (802.15.4) — a widely supported, reliable standard that won't interfere with your existing home computer network. Because the Cyber-Rain XCI is wireless, it’s easy to manage water usage for large landscapes. Cyber-Rain’s two-way communication gives you ongoing water savings reports, sent from the controllers back to your PC.


CytomX Therapeutics — IPO in 2015 (CTMX) (11x multiple)

CytomX is unlocking the potential of antibody therapeutics in oncology by developing a novel therapeutic antibody class of highly targeted Probody™ therapeutics. Our novel Probody Platform allows us to design drugs that selectively activate in the tumor microenvironment while reducing drug activity in healthy tissue and in circulation. This unique ability to localize therapeutic effects to the tumor reduces systemic toxicity, with potential for safer and more effective therapies for a broad array of validated and previously inaccessible oncology targets. Driven by a vision to transform patient lives, we are advancing multiple Probody cancer immunotherapies and Probody drug conjugates toward clinical investigation, while also applying our technology to bispecific T-cell engaging antibodies and ProCAR-NK cell therapies. The Probody Platform has attracted strategic partnerships with leading pharmaceutical companies and research institutions, including AbbVie™, Bristol-Myers Squibb™, Pfizer™, ImmunoGen™ and MD Anderson Cancer Center™. Through these and other collaborations, we broaden the reach of our technology.


DAX Solutions (Sample Digital) – Acquired by PFT in 2009 (some return of capital)

Sample Digital (DAX Solutions) provides the most extensive suite of production workflow acceleration and media management tools available in the world today, including secure digital dailies, content distribution, world-class encoding services and unparalleled customer support. Sample Digital is uniquely positioned to meet the media and entertainment industry’s growing demand for end-to-end electronic management of the production process. Please take a moment to discover the many powerful benefits of our solutions.


Deep Blue Medical Advances, Inc.

Deep Blue is developing a novel hernia mesh to address the unacceptably high rate of hernia recurrence. Our surgeon-invented mesh design with integrated suture-like extensions eliminates the key point of failure for conventional mesh fixation and provides 275% greater anchor strength. Our T-Line Mesh will reduce hernia repair failures.    



Digsy is a free Intelligent Assistant that scours through hundreds of property listings to help you find your dream Office, Warehouse or Retail Space in no time. Save time finding a great space for your business, at a great price, in a location you love. Your privacy is ensured. We notify you when Digsy experts find matching spaces. You won’t get spam or unwanted sales calls. You have no obligation to buy or lease property



Discotech is the OpenTable for Nightlife. Our mobile app allows users to discover events, purchase pre-sale tickets, reserve bottle service, and sign up for guest lists at nightlife venues in different cities. Discotech is currently partnered with over 130 nightlife venues in 7 different cities.


Dispatch & Tracking Solutions (formerly ETAK) – Acquired in 2008 (some return of capital)

Dispatch & Tracking Solutions (DTS) provides towing dispatch, management, and tracking services to law enforcement, state/local government, tow providers, and other stakeholders at no cost to the agency and has provided this for over 20 years. Service options include: web-based software (for tracking, management, and dispatch), automated notification to owners, lien holders, and insurance via the mail and email, www.FindMyTow.com and  www.TowedCar.com, and a tow dispatch center staffed with DTS experts. DTS can work with contracted tow providers selected by the agency or can provide a network of local tow providers if desired. Benefits include standardization, accountability, efficiencies, and staff no longer having to worry about towing. Service options are used with both law enforcement initiated and private property trespass towing.


Doctible – Acquired by PracticeTek in 2021 (8x multiple plus equity)

Doctible enables patients to find affordable & quality healthcare. Since 2013, we have been busy building the most efficient and trusted resource for finding quality providers and exposing healthcare costs. The idea for Doctible started when our founder Ajit injured his knee and received a $1,300 bill for a MRI, despite having health insurance. Confused if he was being overcharged or not, he starting calling providers and found that the same MRI would have cost him $450 if he paid cash. Realizing how hard it was to find trusted providers and cost information, the concept of Doctible was born. Doctible recruits the best providers in your neighborhood who publish their profiles, patient reviews, services and most importantly their rates. Doctible is the first cash-based healthcare network of its kind. Anyone can use the website to search for providers based on location, quality ratings, insurance plans accepted and prices they charge. We also enable you to easily book an appointment online. No phone calls and no waiting on hold! At Doctible, we work hard every day to help you find the right provider to take care of your healthcare needs.


Docufide (merged with Parchment Inc. in 2012)

Docufide's focus is our strength. By concentrating on the electronic delivery, management, and analysis of student academic records, Docufide has evolved over five years to earn the trust and recognition of K-12 schools, colleges, and state education agencies as their most secure and reliable resource. Tens of thousands of students and their parents have also entrusted us – to simplify an essential...


Dodo OmniData, Inc.

Dodo OmniData, Inc.: Long-term data storage gap is a very large, growing market sufficient technology solutions. Dodo has patented an approach exploits the high density, long-term durability advantages of DNA. Leveraging this with semiconductor fabrication the resulting solution can be 10x cheaper and at least 2,000x more data dense than current technologies.


Dthera Sciences (formerly EveryStory)

DTHERA Sciences started out as a consumer photo story telling app, but repositioned itself as a life sciences company when it was recognized to be a potential therapy for dementia and Alzheimer's. Digital therapeutics, a subset of digital health, is a health discipline and treatment option that utilizes and often online health technologies to treat a medical or psychological condition.  The treatment relies on behavioral and lifestyle changes usually spurred by a collection of digital impetuses. Because of the digital nature of the methodology, data can be collected and analyzed as both a progress report and a preventative measure. Treatments are being developed for the prevention and management of a wide variety of diseases and conditions, including type II diabetes, congestive heart failure, obesity, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, asthma, substance abuse, ADHD, anxiety, depression, and several others. Digital therapeutics often employ strategies rooted in cognitive behavioral therapy. Remembering the past can bring a large amount of pleasure and understanding for anyone. People who suffer from Dementia and early onset Alzheimers often have difficulty remembering what has recently happened in their lives, so it is a way to easily talk about what they do remember. Often times the memories from years back remain detailed and intact.Reminiscence Therapy involves discussing and sharing memories, reviewing and evaluating those memories, and re-capturing the emotions and feelings that are an integral part of those memories. RT has been shown to be helpful in reducing reclusive tendencies that cause depression and anxiety.Pictures that bring back memories are another excellent aid to the reminiscence process. Photographs of family, [...]


DTx Pharma

DTx is an early stage SD-based JLABS company developing a novel ‘enabling’ technology for the efficient delivery of nucleic acid drugs to tissues throughout the body. Founded only 8 months ago, DTx has quickly produced and tested proprietary modifications of siRNA utilizing lipid conjugates with dramatic activity in vivo and in vitro.


EdgeX Inc.

EdgeX Inc is Wire-Free Enterprise Edge Intelligence as a Service (EIaaS). EdgeX (formerly Trakpoint Solutions) improve business revenues, efficiencies, compliance and security by capturing intelligence about the location and status of your people and your assets.


Educated Investor (Precision Information)

The Educated Investor family of products is published by Precision Information, LLC, a leading provider of interactive financial education products. Precision Information’s customers benefit from the company´s proprietary database of more than 10,000 articles, tutorials, definitions, and quiz questions. Industry leaders such as Ameritrade, Morningstar, Intuit, and New York Life rely on us to provide accurate, reliable, unbiased, engaging and easy-to-use FINRA-compliant material through web and software applications. PI’s flagship programs include the Educated Investor® content and the Financial Fitness Challenge program.



Edufii is the social network for skills development. For Dedicated Coaches, Athletes & Fans.


Elemeno Health

Elemeno is a B2B SaaS that transforms client practices into concise, actionable guides delivered just-in-time at the point of need. The allows healthcare institutions to drive frontline adoption of priority practices at scale, improving consistency and outcomes. No PHI. No IT integration. Easy to start. Land and expand.



ElephantDrive is committed to providing individuals and businesses simple but powerful tools for protecting and accessing their data. We want ordinary people to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from the type of enterprise-class backup, storage, and data management that has historically only been available to big corporations. And we've made it so simple. Our service has a lot in common with the world's largest land mammal. When you subscribe to ElephantDrive, you get a service that is very big, never forgets, and works for peanuts!


Elevate K-12

Elevate K-12 is an instruction tech service that provides live streaming instruction to K-12 schools in the US to solve the growing teacher shortage problem. The company is growing at a 70+ CAGR and is expected to be profitable in early CY2021.


Elysium Therapeutics, Inc.

Elysium Therapeutics, Inc. Elysium is executing a capital-efficient strategy to disrupt the $10B+ Rx opioid pain market by developing a new class of Rx opioids that are designed to (i) protect against fatal oral and non-oral overdose; (ii) disrupt the progression to Rx and illicit opioid abuse and addiction; and (iii) provide patients with effective pain relief.


Emerald Logic

Emerald Logic solves "Big Data" hyper-dimensional analytic problems in personalized medicine, predictive healthcare, diagnostics and biotech.  Our Fast Collective Evolution Technology (FACET) combines biological and mathematical principles to answer billion-dollar questions that elude statistics, business intelligence, and traditional AI methods. No Black Boxes: Many AI methods take too long to train and are black boxes. These characteristics make them vulnerable to failures without advance warning, and cannot provide insight into the nature of the solutions. Emerald Logic is an algorithm factory that can produce tiny software programs in both human readable and executable forms. Finding Hidden Answers: Solutions to billion dollar problems are often hidden in complex, nonlinear relationships. Challenges in healthcare, finance, and defense have outrun business intelligence, statistics, and AI methods. Our FACET engine paradoxically ignores most of the haystack to find a needle, radically reducing solving time and costs. Math for the Real World: Engineers and finance quants often have to make simplifying assumptions to make intractable problems solvable, but real-world performance suffers. Instead, Emerald Logic samples the solution space with random bits of math, then guides and integrates them into optimal solutions. This simultaneously finds both the structure and parameters of formerly unknown solutions. Parallel Agent Search: Dandelion seeds spread by wind. Some take hold in fertile areas, then reproduce again. What starts randomly ends up efficiently finding the best areas to thrive. Our FACET engine produces many tiny software seeds that randomly sample a hyper-dimensional solution space. Some are closer to the ideal solution than others, and survive to evolve to optimality..


eTeam – Acquired by NC4 in 2006 (some return of capital)

E Team Inc.  provides sophisticated software and planning tools to enable emergency managers to effectively process the massive amounts of information generated during a major event, crisis or disaster. E Team's Windows-based, browser-accessible software has been used for project management during events ranging from political conventions to hurricanes, other natural disasters and man-made incidents.


Eternal Perspective Productions

At Eternal Perspective Productions our mission is to help you grow your business, increase your sales, and share your unique story through the power of video! We love partnering with Brands, Businesses, and Entrepreneurs to help them succeed and bring their vision to life in a creative and impactful way. We are with you every step of the way during the production process, from start to finish. We help you dream up and create ideas that align with your marketing needs, or help you conceptualize your own ideas. We even offer Video Consultation Services to help you establish your next steps and have a crystal clear vision for your Video Marketing. We specialize in helping you Create, Capture, and Share a variety of videos including: Commercials, Social Media Content, Client Testimonials, Brand Campaigns, Corporate Videos and Meetings, Product & Training Videos,  and Conferences and Live Events.  We also offer outstanding Livestreaming Services for Conferences, Events, or anything you need to share LIVE. Whatever the project may be, we’d love to help! Visit our website to see examples of our work and set up a time for us to connect! www.eppvideo.com


EV Connect

EV Connect is a leading provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions for commercial, enterprise, hospitality, university and government facilities.  EV Connect developed and operates the industry’s most robust and flexible cloud-based platform for the management of charging stations and the drivers that use them.  The EV Connect platform provides charge station-agnostic command & control; enterprise and energy systems integration via an open API; driver communications and support; and demand-response functionality across multiple charging networks. EV Connect is recognized as a GIIRS Impact Rated Company! The Impact Model Rating, used by GIIRS, recognizes business models that are specifically designed to solve social or environmental problems through company products or services, target customers, value chain, ownership, or operations.



Everykey - No more Passwords, No more Keys. Everykey is the world's first universal smart key that replaces your passwords and keys. Using military grade security, Everykey wirelessly unlocks your phone, computer, tablet, and automatically logs you into your online accounts when you're nearby, then locks everything down when you walk away. Soon it will work with door locks, cars, and other access controlled devices too! If you lose your Everykey, you can remotely freeze it, so no one else can use it.



EVmatch is a peer-to-peer network for electric vehicle charging that enables homeowners and commercial property owners to rent out private charging stations, earning money and attracting high-value customers. EVmatch's software includes reservations, payment processing, and group management features for custom pricing and access-control.



ExtendCredit: Based in Southern California, ExtendCredit.com is a fully automated, online software service that allows small and mid-sized businesses to create and manage their own low risk, in-house payment plans. It was developed to put the business in control of its customer financing and provides an effective, affordable, easy-to-use alternative to the high cost and complexity of bank and credit card lending in today's tightened credit market. 



Eyedaptic is a software technology company addressing unmet needs and is focused on development of visually assistive Augmented Reality solutions. Targeting over a $20 billion market, these devices are designed to offer visually deficient consumers a non-invasive, mobile visual aid to address retinal field of vision impairments.


Fabric8Labs, Inc

Fabric8Labs has created the world’s first non-thermal Metal 3D Printer. Our novel process is based on electroplating which eliminates the need for expensive metal powders, vacuum chambers, and lasers. This ultimately brings the cost of ownership within reach for a much wider market while meeting the state of the art in print quality.


Fama Technologies

Fama Technologies offers employers actionable insight into a candidate's social media background and digital footprint. Think "carfax for hires." Their proprietary tech screens a candidate's digital footprint and quickly surfaces "social media flags" such as references to illegal drugs, profanity, and bigotry – to give employers an accurate assessment of a candidate's risk profile and "character fitness."


FamiLeague, Inc.

FamiLeague is a leading, family-focused digital media company, uniquely intersecting content, technology and play. FamiLeague is combining its most popular, viral content across 40+ original content franchises with mobile technology to transform the way modern families connect, consume and play together.



DON’T JUST BUILD AWARENESS, BUILD SALES. OPTIMIZE SPEND TO DRIVE REVENUE FanAI is the only platform that can help you understand the true sales impact of your sponsorship investments and better align them to drive sales. Our proprietary technology, matched with your data, ticket, merchandise, and audience exposure data from our exclusive providers, will show you what’s working based on your current spend and what’s not – And how to adjust future spend for better sales results.


Fantasy Sports Co.

Fantasy Sports Co. is a mobile-first company focusing on the sports/leisure vertical. We make LineStar® the world’s leading Daily Fantasy Sports analytics platform which is available for free on both Android/iOS. All our apps are developed 100% in-house in Carlsbad, CA. Stay tuned for what’s next, working on the next hit.


Fin.Solutions (formerly Proxy Debt Buyer, Inc.)

Fin.Solutions is the world’s first patented electronic consumer debt exchange for the debt recovery and consumer credit and finance commnunities.According to the Urban Institute, 77 million Americans (35% of US credit consumers) have one or more defaulted debts in collection leaving them with derogatory credit. This disadvantages them outside of reasonably priced credit/finance markets causing much loss, pain, and suffering.By using our integrated platform called Bid4Debt, we empower a customer centric solution that reduces friction, tension and conflict between debt holders and debtors, manages the demand letter, the consumer bid, and the reconciliation of the debt.We increase debt recovery yield and revenue, decrease cost and compliance risk, expand markets, and help millions of Americans regain good credit life and financial prosperity



Fitn is a leader in the social fitness movement, which strives to make exercising a more exciting and interactive experience while keeping it simple. Available for iPhone and Android devices, the app connects users to a fitness network of nearly 100 participating gyms and exercise studios around the San Diego area—from downtown and Mission Valley to Carlsbad and Pacific Beach. Once connected, members can search for gyms and classes by distance, intensity, and style, and then reserve a spot using the single membership. The sheer number of facilities in Fitn's network, described in this Discover SD article, creates a buffet of fitness opportunities ranging from Pilates and yoga to aerial fitness and CrossFit classes, inviting members to explore new types of exercise styles and connect with new people along the way. .



Fitplan is the interactive fitness training app that gives you the exact workouts of the world's top fitness influencers and athletes.



Fitspot is a mobile app that connects consumers to fitness trainers and provides corporate wellness programs to small and midsize businesses. Consumer sessions are $59 and corporate subscriptions start at $179/mo. The service makes one-on-one and corporate group training affordable and convenient while increasing trainer and gym utility.



FloWater was created in response to growing national demand for purified, premium water that would become an environmentally friendly alternative to bottled water. Something that would taste better, would hydrate more effectively and would be more cost efficient than the most premium bottled water brands, and something that would make the single-use plastic water bottle a thing of the past. Consumers fell in love with FloWater’s 7x purified, advanced hydration, delivered through a fast-filling, chilled water Refill Station. FloWater delights users (and anyone who drinks water!) by providing a superior option for hydration without adding to the number of plastic bottles piling up in our ecosystem. Today, FloWater is a rapidly growing company that’s hydrating some of the fittest athletes and highest performing organizations in the United States, while we save millions of plastic water bottles from the environment.


Fluid Power AI Inc

Fluid Power AI Inc: We provide reliability as a service for the equipment that powers a $7T global economy by leveraging the latest in machine learning and IOT technology to monitor ANY hydraulic system.


Forge Therapeutics

Forge Therapeutics, Inc is a biotechnology company discovering and developing novel therapeutics using an innovative chemistry platform targeting metalloproteins. Forge uses a proprietary approach combining bioinorganic (study of metals in biology) and medicinal chemistry to generate selective inhibitors of this large class of targets.



On the Friendo app, players answer interesting questions about themselves and guess what their friends’ answers are to the same questions. This back and forth allows Friendo to build a robust profile of each player, which we believe will drive significant advertiser and sponsor interest.


Funraise Inc

Funraise is the most advanced nonprofit fundraising platform in the universe. All features work together inside one delightfully powerful platform providing the tools, data, and strategy nonprofits need to change the world.


Fusion Brakes

Fusion Brakes are high performance carbon ceramic brakes for drivers who demand the best from their vehicle. Our forward-thinking, passionate California based team utilizes new material technology to outperform and outlast other carbon ceramic braking systems. The Fusion Brakes formula and manufacturing process has allowed our team to overcome limitations faced by other manufacturers.


Gemmus Pharma

 Gemmus is a privately held biotechnology company focused on the development of innovative pharmaceutical products for the treatment of influenza and other viral infectious diseases. Using a novel, host-directed approach, we target the underlying cause of debilitating symptoms associated with influenza and 'influenza-like-illness' (ILI) by modulating the natural immune response to the disease. We are committed to developing “first-in-class, best-in-class” products that meet a major medical need. Gemmus Pharma was founded in 2007 to commercialize in-licensed technology from a major pharmaceutical company. Gemmus' lead candidate is a cardiovascular drug currently marketed in Asia that has been repurposed for use as a treatment for influenza. Gemmus has received support from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) and has completed a Series A round. The company has applied for and received an SBIR(NIH) and a QTDP competitive grant.  Gemmus plans to file an investigational new drug (IND) application with the FDA for treatment of influenza infections in 2014.


Genius Juice

ORGANIC SMOOTHIES WITH NO DUMB STUFF. No gums or stabilizers. No natural flavors. No stevia or monk fruit. Genius Juice is the company that is determined to bring nutrition to the mainstream. We have developed innovative and disruptive beverages that no other company has ever made. Our primary product line is coconut smoothies, which blend coconut water and coconut meat together into a creamy, filling smoothie.



Get This is an evolutionary digital commerce platform that shop-enables entertainment (e.g. TV and movies) w/ synchronized offers via devices that audiences use every day. More than another 2nd screen social TV app, an enhanced viewer experience and platform which may shop also enable 3rd party applications. Currently negotiating with Fox Studios & in business development conversations w/ Universal Home Ent, ABC, Scripps, Warner



Glassbeam was born in 2009 with a clear mission of “helping product companies make sense of complex machine data collected from connected devices”. Those were the early days of machine data analytics. Internet of Things (IoT) was not yet a mainstream trend by any stretch of imagination. However, Glassbeam founding team came from a rich background of working in leading storage networking companies such as NetApp and Brocade that were pioneers in uncovering the hidden potential in call home and phone home log data. The team had the fundamental belief that any high technology machine, system, or device, whether located in a data center or outside, such as storage, servers, MRI, CT Scan, CNC machines, industrial robots, etc will increasingly be connected to their manufacturer home base. These complex logs, if parsed and analyzed the right way, would have immense business and operational value for support, services, engineering, sales and marketing groups in these organizations. And thus Glassbeam was born with that premise – to create a generic cloud based platform that could ingest, parse, structure and analyze this complex machine data and provide cross functional application use cases for end users within the ever-expanding ecosystem of a product manufacturer.


GoShare Inc

GoShare connects truck and van owners with businesses who need help with last mile delivery and consumers who need a friend with a truck.



GoSite is the most complete end-to-end software suite for local businesses. Our software helps businesses connect with their customers, by making it easy find, engage, book and pay for their services online. We make it as easy to find, schedule, and pay a local dentist as it is to order a movie on Netflix.


GrandPad – Optional exit in 2016 (45% IRR)

grandPad is a simple, smart, and secure tablet for seniors that effortlessly connects your loved ones to their friends and family with a touch of a button. The user experience with the grandPad is a breeze – seniors can make phones calls and video calls, send voice emails, check the weather, play games, view family photos, and more without worry. Using technology to help bring families together, grandPad® provides innovative solutions that are intuitive, engaging, and safe for all age ranges. The grandPad is an innovative tablet based solution that privately connects the entire family on a platform built for seniors. With grandPad, seniors can video chat with the family, check emails in real-time, share photos, play games, and much more. The intuitive, easy-to-use design turns technology into a gateway instead of a barrier. grandPad is a privately held company based in Los Angeles, CA.


Green Dot – IPO (GDOT) in 2010 (235x multiple)

Founded in 1999, Green Dot is a leading provider of prepaid debit cards and owner of one of the nation's largest retail cash reload and payment networks. With millions of customers and growing, you can count on us to be there for you. Get a card online or find our products in the prepaid section at tens of thousands of major retailers across the U.S. We're an American owned and operated company with headquarters located in California.


Green Earth Technologies – IPO (GETG) in 2007 (16x multiple)

Green Earth Technologies, Inc. (G.E.T.) (OTCQB: GETG) is a totally green clean tech company that combines domestically sourced renewable feed stocks with proprietary technologies molded around the four ideologies of being GREEN: biodegradable, recyclable, renewable and environment safe. Branded as G-OIL® and G-CLEAN®, G.E.T. produces a full line of "clean & green" American made environmentally preferred lubricants and cleaning products that allows concerned consumers who care about the environment and American energy independence to do their part without sacrificing value or performance. Save the Earth -- Sacrifice Nothing®.


Greenplum (formerly Metapa) – Acquired by EMC in 2010 (3.3x multiple)

Greenplum was founded in 2003 with the goal of tackling the growing demands of storing and analyzing business data. It says that its customers include divisions of NASDAQ and the New York Stock Exchange, Skype, Equifax, T-Mobile, and Fox Interactive Media. Greenplum was acquired by EMC Corporation in July 2010, becoming the foundation of EMC's Big Data Division. Greenplum's products at the time of acquisition were the Greenplum Database, Chorus, and Data Science Labs. Greenplum had customers in vertical markets from financial services, telecommunications, Internet, retail, transportation and pharmaceuticals industries.They included Silver Spring Networks, Zions Bancorporation, Reliance Communications, NYSE Euronext, Orbitz, Havas Digital, China Unicom, and Tagged.



Gremln provides a full marketing suite to help maximize ROI. Take control of your brand, guide strategy, and stay compliant.



GroGuru: Precision soil and irrigation monitoring system. The only 100 percent wireless underground IoT platform to monitor crop growing conditions, provide real-time irrigation recommendations, improve crop yields and save farmers money



GroLens is a ERP for commercial cannabis producer that has been called the Salesforce of the industry. Over $280 Million in annual cannabis production currently depend on GroLens from brands like THC Design, Triple 7's, and Cookies. Since our recent launch we have got to $230K in ARR and growing on avg 72.1% MoM.



Grolltex, for 'graphene-rolling-technologies', has developed an industrializable and sustainable method to make the next generation electronic material, graphene. Our mission is to take this 'research' material out of the lab and onto the manufacturing room floor to enable new futuristic applications.



Groupize offers the leading end-to-end platform for simple corporate meetings.  Groupize is revolutionizing meetings technology with innovative, self-service solutions that reduce the complexity of starting, sourcing, managing and measuring simple meetings. Founded in 2011, Groupize is a privately held company and headquartered in Boston, MA.



Groupsolver builds intelligent survey software best described as "SurveyMonkey with a human brain." Our patented technology combines machine learning, crowd intelligence and advanced statistics to find deeper customer insights. With 300K in revenue in 2016, our customers include IRI, Estee Lauder, Sony Pictures, Advance Pierre, & GreatCall.



H2scan Corporation's industry-leading hydrogen analyzers and leak detectors are based on our patented, solid-state core hydrogen sensor technology exclusively licensed from the U.S. Department of Energy and supported by 15 years of R&D and field verification work. Today, our HY-OPTIMA™ process hydrogen analyzers and HY-ALERTA™ hydrogen leak detectors standalone product lines are currently sold in over 50 countries helping utilities, nuclear power plants, petroleum, fuel cells, industrial hydrogen and petrochemical companies, and other industrial organizations meet safety, regulatory, and process control requirements when doing critical hydrogen monitoring - often in diverse and challenging environments. Additionally, our proven analyzer technology is offered as sub-systems to OEMs for a wide range of industrial applications and is currently licensed by major strategic partners including WEIDMANN Diagnostic Solutions. .


Habitu8 – Acquired by Arctic Wolf in 2021 (2.1x multiple)

Habitu8 LA-based enterprise security startup with a mission to educate and empower workers to protect themselves and their company from threats caused by employee behaviors. We have 42 customers and $722K of ARR. Our platform will enable organizations to understand, benchmark, and shape risky employee behaviors across the enterprise.


HAI Solutions

HAI Solutions has developed a unique portfolio of medical devices addressing the growing plague of contamination within the operating room, emergency room and intensive care units.


HAN Spirits (Progressive Beverages)

HAN Spirits has pioneered a new wave of modern, super smooth premium Soju spirits that embody quality, creativity and versatility. Made from a blend of polished Rice and Barley, this family of spirits has unlimited mixability and rich character – as expressive and individual as each person who orders a HAN cocktail. Based in Los Angeles and founded in 2002, Progressive Brands (“ProBrands”) is an American product developer and marketer of trend-setting brands in the premium distilled spirits industry. Agile and independent, ProBrands creates and accelerates growth for cutting-edge distilled spirit brands designed to fill industry gaps in product innovation.


Hawthorne Effect

Hawthorne Effect, Inc: With custom technology and a gig economy network of specialized health professionals, HE makes follow-up visits more accessible for patients. The value to clinical investigators / pharma / medtech is improvement of quality, quantity, timeliness and security of data needed by innovators and, for patients, ease of participation.



Healionics is addressing the critical need for improved means of dialysis access in patients with kidney failure. We have an innovative synthetic blood vessel ready for human study and an exciting product pipeline, all based on our platform STAR biomaterial which has unique ability to prevent both scarring & infection in implanted devices.


Health in Reach

HealthInReach is a free service that helps people find the lowest prices from qualified dentists and doctors, then easily book appointments online. By conveniently scheduling your appointment here, you may save up to half or more off the typical price. There are more than 1.6 million appointments available at Health In Reach and we offer descriptions and prices for nearly 50,000 specific procedures. Today, there are 130 million Americans who pay for dental care out-of-pocket and tens of millions more who pay for elective medical procedures in cash. Yet, most people won’t know the cost until they get a huge bill. When possible, we don’t think it makes senses to see a doctor without knowing what you’re going to get or how much it’ll cost. Health In Reach is focused on helping eliminate surprises and making healthcare more affordable.


Heart Health Intelligence

Heart Health Intelligence (HHI) will significantly reduce the cost of heart failure by preventing hospital readmissions through a toilet seat-based cardiovascular monitoring system and a mid-level provider run monitoring service. HHI will transform the healthcare system by enabling the transition from reactive to proactive care.


Heartland Resources – Acquired by Hercules (Ashland) in 2007 (2.4x multiple)

Heartland Resource Technologies, LLC has developed a superior proprietary, environment-friendly, low-cost soy protein-based adhesive technology for use in engineered wood products. The Company’s corporate offices are located in Pasadena, California and its laboratory and pilot plant is located in Madison, Wisconsin. Heartland’s business model is based on straight licensing and royalties. Utilizing existing, experienced manufacturers is ultimately the most logistically and profitable decision and it was decided that forming a partnership with a manufacturer would be the logical choice. Greater portions of revenues and funding can then be designated for continued research & development to create new products and markets for the future. Heartland’s products are considered "green" or environmentally safe. The movement towards “green products” is gaining momentum in the building product industry in North America as well as internationally.


HitFix – Acquired by Woven Digital in 2016 (2x multiple)

HitFix is the fastest growing entertainment news brand, driving discovery, conversation and choices for passionate entertainment fans via breaking news, expert analysis, engaging reviews, recaps and live, on-the-scene event coverage of the biggest entertainment events across film, TV, music and more. HitFix offers partners access to an unparalleled editorial and video distribution network spanning desktop, mobile, social, video and out-of-home digital displays to the tune of 90+ Million interview streams and 300+ Million viewers each month. HitFix is truly everywhere.


Hookit (formerly Loop’d Network) – Acquired by Sponsor House in 2014 (1.4x multiple)

Formerly known as SponsorHouse and the Loop’d Network, Hookit.com is the largest and most active social network for lifestyle sports with features and services created specifically for athletes and brands. For Members: We are a place to hook up with friends, brands and deals on products. For Brands: We are a place to hook up with a core audience of athletes and enthusiasts to market and sell your products. For more information, visit www.hookit.com.


iBesties (Gengirl Media, Inc.)

iBesties fill a hole in the $16 billion dollar doll market by creating products for today's smart, iPhone-toting generation. The company produces dolls, books and online edutainment that inspire business and technology learning. In doing this, the company has created products that girls love and parents love to buy.



iDentical is leveraging the latest 3D technology to revolutionize the $21B tooth replacement industry with its patent pending drill-free dental implant. It's non-invasive, faster and more affordable than dental implants today and can be done by any family dentist. Our founding team has deep domain expertise and scaling experience.



Immunis is changing the course of immune-related diseases and ageing. Immunis is a private biotechnology company focused on the development of treatments for age-related and disease-related immune deficits. Immunis has developed a novel method to grow human stem cells for clinical use, and direct them to become highly pure populations of defined cells that secrete factors which benefit immune system development, modulation, and health.


Immuno Gum

Immuno Gum® was developed by Terry O’Neil M.D., a Board Certified practicing Emergency Room physician, and a graduate of the Ivy League’s Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. Growing up Dr. O’Neil’s passion for health and fitness began at a young age by trying various protein powders, and vitamin solutions. In medical school and residency training he was always interested and intrigued by what could make the body better and healthier. Dr. O’Neil felt that preventing a cold and keeping one’s body healthy, is much more important than trying to treat a cold you already have. As Ben Franklin stated, “An ounce of prevention, is worth a pound of cure.” Working in the ER, Dr. O’Neil witnessed that most immune-supporting products required the administration of tablets, or liquid-mixed powders several times a day. They are inconvenient to use and many don’t contain proven ingredients. In a fast-paced world people need a product that is not only effective, but also easy to use – something they can keep handy in their pocket or purse, and pop into their mouth when they are exposed to a cold, or in a space where they think they may be exposed to a cold. Dr. O’Neil concluded that the solution is to put quality immune-supporting ingredients in a pleasant-tasting product already used by millions everyday: chewing gum. Gum is convenient and, as Dr. O’Neil points out, “gum offers superior absorption advantages, as many of the ingredients can be absorbed directly through the mouth. In contrast, tablets and drinks need to [...]


Impact Hub

Impact Hub is an accelerator/incubator in Santa Barbara. We provide a remarkable space for productive work, a driven community that resides at the intersection of technology and social good, and a diverse selection of programming and mentoring to equip our members with the tools they need to develop their idea. Our community helps entrepreneurs and businesses consider the social and environmental impact of their business practices, while also pushing philanthropists and non-profits to become self-sustaining through collaboration and more efficient business models.


IndX Software Corporation – Acquired by Siemens in 2003 (some return of capital)

IndX Software Corporation develops and markets XHQ, a software platform used to create Real- time Operations Intelligence solutions for the processing and manufacturing industries utilizing the technologies of the Internet. XHQ aggregates, relates and presents business and operational data, enabling real time decision-making and performance monitoring across all levels of the business. XHQ is used by many of the world’s largest companies in the Energy, Food & Beverage, Utility and Automotive segments to improve business performance and profitability.


Influental Network

Influential is the only Mobile First influencer platform with 3rd party data to identify, track, and optimize an influencer activation. We have an enterprise dashboard and a patent-pending app with all the most engaged social media influencers, representing 3.5 Billion + followers on Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat, Facebook and YouTube. We run campaigns for Fortune 100 companies including General Mills, Nestle, Unilever, Coca Cola Company, Kia, Fox, Paramount, Sony, Warner Bros, Universal Pictures and more. We are the only company in the world that guarantees unique in-demo impressions on Twitter and Instagram using 3rd party analytics, allowing for a true media buy on social. We have also created a technology with IBM Watson that allows brands and agencies to identify personality traits of influencers and how they are being perceived through semantic data. Brands and agencies now choose the most relevant influencers based on how they are perceived, whether they are adventurous, intellectual, altruistic, etc. (over 50 traits).  



InfoBionic is an emerging mHealth company with a cloud based solution, MoMe(TM), for comprehensive remote physiological monitoring with a focus on Arrhythmia Detection. Our vision is to be part of the transformation of healthcare delivery by providing anywhere anytime access to cardiac monitoring with higher quality and lower cost with a new business model. MoMe(TM) has a clear regulatory path 510(k) and reimbursement in place.


InnoZen – Reverse merger with HealthSport Inc. in 2007 (1.5x multiple)

InnoZen®, Inc. discovers, develops, and markets, or out licenses, innovative over-the-counter (OTC) health products that fulfill unmet consumer need. InnoZen’s goal is to develop high-quality OTC products that successfully treat common consumer health problems while minimizing the risk of side effects. InnoZen maintains a drug research and development facility and a manufacturing plant in Woodland Hills, California. Furthermore, InnoZen is considered by many to be the preeminent formulator and developer of thin film-strips that deliver drug actives and was the first company to deliver a drug active in a thin film-strip when it completed the development of the Chloraseptic® Sore Throat Relief Strips® in June 2003. InnoZen moved forward with its proprietary technology to develop two new thin film-strip products for cough. InnoZen launched its two new film-strip products under its own Suppress® brand in September 2004.


Integrien – Acquired by VMWare in 2010 (2x multiple)

As a company, Integrien understands the intense demands and critical importance of high-availability enterprise IT systems. A group of experienced executives and engineers with career-long backgrounds in high-availability enterprise networks, security, and application monitoring launched Integrien Corporation in 2001. Our big idea: enterprise IT organizations need automated intelligence to identify, predict and prevent problems in technology-based business systems.


Interplay Learning

Interplay Learning develops online digital learning and testing products for students and professionals to build career skills and technical aptitude. Interplay's specialty is 3-D interactive life-like simulation which allows a learner to accelerate practical understanding and application. Interplay products can be found in education, government, career certification and industry.



IntraStage has market-leading Quality Management Software, Database & Analytics tools for companies who manufacture electronic products. We provide SPC, Yield and Test Data Analytical Tools and Trends by automating the retrieval, storage, mining and reporting of R&D, Manufacturing, Supplier, Field & RMA test data. We enable you to quickly find the root cause of failures to ensure they are six sigma events.



InvestED connects vetted borrowers to trusted lenders in emerging markets. An Android app vets the borrowers through a customized training program. Performance within the program, user data, and market research yields a credit score. Microfinance banks (MFIs) access user profiles through a web dashboard --> provide loans via mobile money.



InvVax is commercializing the world's first universal influenza vaccine. We mapped the entire flu genome. Over three years, the founder Arthur Young tediously went through all 13,000 nucleotide positions and generated a comprehensive map of the genome through a functional screen. We used the map to identify the 28 regions of the virus that cannot mutate without it self-destructing. InvVax's key differentiator is that our vaccine targets only invariant positions. Our direct competitors are targeting conserved regions only. These are regions of the virus that are the same between most flu strains in nature. Targeting conserved regions addresses the first problem with seasonal vaccines, the mismatch of predicted and circulating strains. But it does nothing to address the second main problem, the mutation of the virus. Our functional screen revealed that the majority of conserved residues are actually not invariant. These invariant regions and the screening methodology used to identify them are patent-pending. InvVax has secured an exclusive option on this technology from UCLA. In addition, we are developing a much broader patent strategy with Wilson Sonsini.


IP3 Networks, Inc. – Acquired by Second Rule LLC in 2006

IP3's broadband subscriber management solution, NetAccess, aims to enable service providers to easily manage and control public access to the Internet by establishing a customized billing and authentication system. IP3 Networks (acquired by Second Rule) meets the growing demand for high-performance, reliable and secure subscriber management solutions by developing a flexible architecture based on embedded Linux OS.



Put simply, iPourIt is a revolutionary new system allowing your customers to pour their own beer and wine. No more wasted or free drinks. Our self-serve beer system tracks and monitors every pour and provides reporting that helps you understand who poured what, when, and where, so you effectively target your customers and create a positive experience. We work with some of the most innovative and forward thinking restaurant and bar owners in the craft beer industry. Many of our clients are pouring 50%, or more of their revenues through an iPourIt system. Expectations are high, and we strive everyday to offer the best technology and service possible to ensure those revenues continue to pour!



Iridia's mission is to transform data storage with the development of ultra-high density memory chips based on DNA.


iZSearch, Inc.

iZSearch offers an alternative Internet search that enhances privacy, providing convenient navigation features with minimal ads. iZSearch is finding public interest within the Internet community to protect (non-disclose) ideas and personal data. iZSearch is expanding into vertical markets including media, legal, pharma, and health care.



Jetbuilt will revolutionize the Audio Video industry: 1- Solving AV Integrators pain through our SaaS estimating solution 2- Providing previously unavailable big data to AV Manufacturers driving product improvements and changing the way new products are developed 3- Our Consumer AV Marketplace will change the way AV is sourced


Joule Case

Joule Case: Flexible portable power stations capable of powering anything and replacing gasoline generators. Joule Case stacks to ideally size the battery to the specific application.



Juicebox is building the Calm for sexual wellness. We deliver choose-your-own-adventure erotic stories over text that teach sexual wellness. We have over 50K users and are growing virally. We're building a trusted, erotic media source.


Jump Studios

  Jump Studios includes Everything You Need To Grow Your Media Business Invoicing, media contracts, media review, and everything else you need to grow your media business. Contact: JJ Englert


Kalyra Pharmaceuticals – Spun-off Zentalis Pharmaceuticals which IPO’d in 2020 (8x multiple)

Kalyra Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a privately held biopharmaceutical company focused on creating best-in-class medicines that address unmet needs in the area of pain management, anti-infectives and fibrosis. We aim to improve patient outcomes by developing modified molecules that retain the efficacy of commonly used medications while reducing or eliminating unwanted side effects and safety concerns. Our proprietary chemistry based platform has proven successful in generating an effective pain medication while eliminating an existing safety concern. In 2015 Zeno Pharmaceuticals made a $15 million equity investment.



Kangarootime helps childcare professionals with a cloud-based mobile application that collects payments, automates 'check-in' and 'check-out,' and streamlines communication and compliance. Every care center can create a better connection with the families that they serve. Kangarootime.com automates check-in and child-specific instructions for daily care.



Kast is watch parties made easy. Watch whatever you want with friends online: movies, TV shows, you name it. Share your screen and camera or launch content directly from Kast TV in your watch parties. Join millions of kasters today. SAN DIEGO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / April 26, 2022 / Live Current Media, Inc. ("Live Current" or the "Company") (OTCQB:LIVC) announces that it has completed its merger (the "Merger") with Evasyst Inc. ("Evasyst") of San Diego in an all share transaction. Evasyst owns and operates the Kast online, social, watch party platform.



KettleSpace transforms hospitality assets into a network of on-demand work spaces and makes them available for an unprecedented price.


Kickstart (Cadence Biomedical, Inc.)

Kickstart is a wearable rehabilitation device designed to help you regain walking ability and accelerate functional improvements, both in daily life and in physical therapy. If you’re recovering from a stroke, spinal cord injury, or have a neurological condition such as multiple sclerosis and need help to maintain your mobility, Kickstart is made specifically to help you walk again and rediscover a more independent lifestyle. Use Kickstart to: Enable walking and improved independence, at home and in the community Enhance endurance, balance and control for walking and standing Guide correct gait patterns and reduce compensations Improve stability and alignment



Korner offers an alarm system for your home or apartment that is simple to install in several minutes and you can monitor through your smartphone -- all for less than $100. Korner's offering comprises of a Stick that plugs into a user’s router and communicates wirelessly with Tags (with a reusable adhesive) that are applied to doors and windows. The Tags include a patent-pending technology that leverages a novel combination of off-the-shelf sensors, allowing a small form factor (triangle with long edge a littl



LabFellows provides SaaS workflow automation tool for life sciences operations. We're tapping into a $21B TAM with $780K annual recurring revenues current traction, and recently secured path to expand nationally.



Labviva is an AI driven purchasing platform for procurement of scientific products in the 60B life science market. This market is currently dominated by an outdated distribution model and its primed for disruption. Labviva leverages science as the organizing principal to connect purchasers of life science products with suppliers.


Language Weaver – Acquired by SDL for $43 million in 2010 (8x multiple)

Language Weaver provides trusted automated translation solutions for high-value, dynamic digital information to improve human communications. Delivering a trusted level of translation quality, Language Weaver ensures that organizations maintain and extend brand voice across global media types and audiences. Built on reliable, statistically based technology, the company’s products have been deployed worldwide across numerous industries and levels of government to increase operational effectiveness, improve brand experiences and boost customer engagement.


LeaseLock – Optional exit in Secondary Offering in 2019 (31x multiple)

LeaseLock takes the worry of approval off the mind of a renter, and the worry of rent non-payment off the mind of a landlord--on any lease we cover.  Renters pay an affordable fee that allows us to guarantee that we can cover their lease payments should they default.  Landlords have the advantage of enjoying our service FREE of charge, while residents benefit from the quick approval process of our happy, secure-feeling landlords.



Leaseville provides lease to own consumer products to low income customers through three online sites. Our clients are typically earning less than $50,000 a year and Fico scores of less than 640. They buy a range of products from us including computers, cameras, appliances and jewelry.    



LeisureLink powers global distribution and demand for the specialty lodging industry. The LeisureLink Demand Network™ enables property management companies to market and distribute their vacation lodging products across thousands of travel Web sites, travel agents and other distribution channels. LeisureLink’s proprietary Demand Management System™ empowers property managers to generate demand and optimize revenue across all channels. Over 1000 vacation rentals, timeshares, condohotels and independent resorts throughout North America and Europe build their bookings through LeisureLink.


LendAmend – Acquired by FIS in 2013 (3.4x multiple)

As the premier service focused on leveraged loan amendments, LendAmend is where amendments come together℠. LendAmend LLC is for professionals in the leveraged loan market to streamline the amendment process and provide administrative support to participants in the $1 trillion leveraged loan market. Our solutions facilitate electronic signature page delivery, integrated compliance monitoring, increased transparency, standardized amendment procedures, and assist lending institutions in managing all aspects of the bank loan amendment process online. Registered members include CLO managers, banks, hedge funds, insurance companies, asset managers, mutual funds, and other institutional investors in the syndicated bank loan market. LendAmend LLC is a privately held company headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. For inquiries or to register, please contact info@lendamend.com or call us at (310) 421-4644.


Lennd, Inc

Lennd is a next generation event & venue operations platform. We are centralizing and streamlining event and venue operations in order to access, manage and process the billions of dollars in internal event payments, so event teams can work smarter, move faster and increase their ROI.


Leo Lens

Leo Lens solves the glaucoma treatment problem with a non-invasive automatic dosing weekly therapy which helps limit the progression of the disease and helps protect sight. With its MediPrint technology and proven execution team in place, Leo Lens can create significant value from a $2M Seed round advancing to Phase 3 clinical trials.


LIMBER Prosthetics & Orthotics

LIMBER is a medical device start-up that uses 3D scanning, digital design, and 3D printing to create accessible and affordable prosthetic care. Its patent-pending technology, the UniLeg prosthesis, is the world’s first prosthetic limb that is 3D printed in one piece.


Liquid Grids (Swarmology)

LiquidGrids empowers life science companies to listen, understand and strategically engage in online health dialogue. For product teams who want to understand and connect with the millions of consumers who participate in health-related conversations on the internet, LiquidGrids provides real-time digital health intelligence that makes it possible to get the right message, to the right people, at the right time. Unlike traditional marketing and communication approaches, LiquidGrids uncovers the critical online health-related dialogue, predicts where the conversation is going and allows engagement with consumers in a strategic and meaningful way. We have extensive experience in the healthcare industry and deeply understand the needs of the life science product at all stages of its lifecycle. LiquidGrids is developed with those needs specifically in mind. LiquidGrids software solution distills hundreds of millions of online health conversations into relevant, actionable information. Our proprietary algorithms evaluate social media activity related to a specific health topic, classify conversations according to themes, discover conversation patterns, measure sentiment and intent, and identify sources of influence in every conversation. This analysis is done in real-time, providing the opportunity to make marketing decisions and engage with customers with comprehensive, up-to-the-minute information.


Love Lab

Love Lab® makes sure that what you see online is what you get in person. Founded by Steve Ward, world renowned professional matchmaker, Host and Executive Producer of VH1's Tough Love, this native iPhone and Android application will independently verify people you meet online, providing Trust as a Service to the Dating industry.


Lucirix Inc.

Lucirix is a new, mobile, patient-centric platform that gives physicians the ability to instantly collaborate with their colleagues from anywhere just like they were in a room together. Lucirix was designed by doctors to alleviate the frustration associated with communicating with consulting physicians. The trail of voicemail, medical assistants, and pager calls is replaced by a secure, mobile, SMS-like workflow tool that improves satisfaction for care providers and their patients.



Lumoptik is a medical device company that has developed the BrightPointTM needle guidance system to assist physicians with needle placement during epidural procedures for childbirth, spine/back pain and surgical procedures such as knee and hip replacements. Over 11 million epidural procedures are performed in the US each year. The large majority of these procedures are performed free hand by physicians with no mechanical or electronic needle guidance. Complications are common.


Luxim (merged with Luma Group in 2013)

Luxim  is the world leader in Light Emitting Plasma (LEP) technology. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, Luxim develops and commercializes LEP solutions for a wide range of mission critical applications. Luxim’s LEP has many advantages over conventional HID and high wattage lamp solutions, including efficiency, lifetime, cost of ownership and light quality. LEP is revolutionizing lighting applications like high mast, horticulture and precision instrumentation. In each case, Luxim’s solutions provide better performance at lower cost to the end user and to the environment. Luxim is in production with customers worldwide and has a complete product line for general, horticutural and specialty lighting.


Lynx Biosciences (LynxBio)

LynxBio's cytomics-based platform technology, MicroC3™, rapidly measures the therapeutic response of patients' own blood cancer cells to drugs. MicroC3™ seamlessly integrates into the clinical workflow and provides physicians with actionable results within 72 hours of a standard-of-care biopsy.


Lytx (formerly DriveCam) — Acquired by GTCR for $500 Million in 2016 (12x multiple)

At Lytx® we transform organizations by creating visibility, focus and accountability to drive positive change and deliver life-changing results. Our flagship solution, the Lytx DriveCam Program™, helps transportation companies be safer by combining state-of-the-art sensor technology; insightful, actionable predictive analytics; and world-class service. According to the Centers for Disease Control, fatal vehicle collisions are one of the leading causes of death in the United States today, with one person dying in a collision every 15 minutes. Over 90 percent of these collisions are preventable—that’s why Lytx exists. We identify key safety and efficiency factors, and show clients how to make behavioral improvements that save money, reputations and lives. That has helped Lytx become the global leader in video-based safety guidance and behavior change for transportation organizations and their drivers. We protect more than 1,300 commercial and government fleet clients worldwide who drive billions of miles. Our RAIR® Compliance Services helps DOT-regulated fleets comply with safety regulations, complementing our driver safety services. Lytx stands for the entire process of Sense, Predict, Prevent (SPP)®. Using our patented technology, we analyze the data we capture, distill it into actionable insights and leverage it in ways that empower our clients to be safer, better companies. This empowers our clients to realize tremendous ROI by lowering operating and insurance costs, while achieving greater efficiency and compliance. Lytx protects more top-tier fleets and their drivers than anyone else because we give them an intelligent perspective on their businesses that they can’t get anywhere else. Lytx was founded in 1998 and has grown to employ [...]


Makani Science

Better Breathing, Better Health. Four minutes – this is how long your brain lasts after you stop breathing. Death is almost assured at 10 minutes. It is clear that breathing is an essential part of life, but surprisingly, it is poorly monitored or not monitored at all within hospitals and offices. It is a neglected vital sign, mostly because current monitors are inconvenient, bulky, inaccurate, or have delayed response times. The Makani Science Respiratory Monitor is poised to fix this standard and break open a multi-billion dollar breathing market with our easy-to-use, comfortable, accurate, and responsive breathing monitor. Our unique wireless, compact, and non-invasive device will enable monitored breathing to reach new heights, and we believe it can become the standard of care for this critical vital sign.



 Makucell is a new life science company that utilizes an innovative proprietary regenerative medicine technology to address aging skin, hair and nails in an entirely new way. Using a patent-pending new molecule, Asymmtate™, Makucell has developed non-prescription products that work with the skin’s own stem cells to produce healthier and more youthful appearing skin. Makucell is introducing the Renewnt™ (pronounced “Re-new-int”) brand of products based on its proprietary technology. Makucell was founded in September 2010 by distinguished researcher Michael Kahn, Ph.D., and colleagues at the Eli & Edythe Broad Center for Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine at the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine. The Makucell founders and industry experienced management team have a passion for utilizing the company’s core technology to develop new applications directed toward the challenges of aging and photoaging.


Marsh & Mclennan Agency

Marsh & McLennan Agency (MMA) is one of the nation’s leading insurance brokerages, offering a comprehensive line of risk management and employee benefit solutions. The firm specializes in commercial property and casualty insurance, employee benefits, workers’ compensation, retirement and wealth management, compensation consulting, executive liability, personal lines, and surety. MMA is a subsidiary of Marsh Inc., the world’s leading insurance broker and risk advisor. MMA’s Western Region is headquartered in San Diego and has offices in Orange County, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Walnut Creek, and Anchorage, Alaska. For more information, visit www.mma-west.com. Contact: Erin Chisdak: Erin.Chisdak@marshmma.com



Material manufactures and designs kitchenware products that are infused with thoughtful innovation, eco-conscious materials, and timeless craftsmanship. We’re taking the guesswork out of the kitchen by building the go-to destination for today’s home cooks.


MatriSys Bioscience, Inc.

MatriSys Bioscience, Inc., a clinical stage Skin Microbiome Development company. Prof. Richard Gallo, UCSD Dermatology Chief, co-founder, SAB head, and a world leader in the use of microbes as novel medicines. NIH funded microbiome Phase I/II clinical program in Atopic Dermatitis (“AD”) market with 15 M US patients. 6 Partner discussions underway today, in diligence


Maxwell Biomedical

Maxwell Biomedical: Defibrillation is the gold standard for restoration of sinus rhythm in patients with arrhythmia. Defibrillation has been shown to be highly effective and safe for restoration of sinus rhythm. Previous efforts to create a device approach to atrial defib were hindered by the pains associated with this approach, Maxwell has solved this issue



Mechanodontics is a revolutionary method that can be used instead of braces or aligners that moves the teeth independently. Placed behind the teeth so they cannot be seen, this method reduces the treatment time to half and the number of visits to orthodontist to a quarter.



Mercato is an online marketplace for independent grocery stores. We provide a turnkey e-commerce platform for merchants that includes marketing, delivery and customer service. Consumer can become members for $96 per year to get unlimited free same-day deliveries.


Merge Labs

MergeVR is building the best experiences available with mobile virtual reality. The Merge VR Goggles are the most comfortable and durable virtual reality headset available. Sculpted of marshmallow soft foam and made to fit naturally to the contours of any face, the Merge VR Goggles are lightweight yet durable, and hygienic since they’re easy to wipe clean. Compatible with Android and iOS devices from the past two years, Merge VR Goggles provide an immersive virtual reality experience powered by your smartphone.


Midas Education

Midas Education - The Midas platform is a SAAS that integrates the 17 "siloed" data analytics systems in school districts, state departments of education, and federal department of education. Midas also has a Multi-Dimensional Data Explorer that cleans up the data of existing systems and allows Midas a foot in the door of districts in a non-threatening way


Milo Senor, Inc.

Milo Sensor, Inc. is developing the next generation of wearable biosensors. SNAPSHOT is the very first wearable blood alcohol sensor that wirelessly syncs with your smartphone. Our revolutionary technology continuously monitors your BAC and lets you know when you'll be back to zero.


MindBody – IPO (MB) in 2015 (264x return)

MINDBODY offers web-based business management software tailored to businesses that need scheduling and business management systems. Regardless of what kind of business you run, our solutions offer you powerful benefits to turbo-charge your business and make your life easier. MINDBODY emerged from a simple idea: small business owners deserve the time to do what they love. From its first iteration, MINDBODY software has turned that vision into the technology that links tens of thousands of health, wellness, and beauty professionals to the millions of clients they serve. Today, we’re the leading global online marketplace for wellness services — and like the speed of technology itself, we’re blazing ahead toward limitless possibilities  


Mindcould Media

www.mindcloudmedia.comOur head's in the clouds, so yours doesn't have to be.-We're a one stop shop for all your digital content needs -Our goal is create a visual work of art that creates a meaningful connection with your target audience -We are with you every step of the way, from start to finish. We help you dream up and create ideas that align with your marketing needs, or help you conceptualize your own ideas -Commercials, Online, branded content, corporate, and live events, no job is too big or small


Mission Bio

Mission Bio provides diagnostic tools that enable the full power of precision medicine. Cancer is driven by genetic differences among cells, and bulk analysis overlooks valuable information. Our tools analyze every cell in a sample, pinpointing the needle in the haystack to provide actionable information for selecting treatment.


Mobile Cause

MobileCause provides the leading web software service for mobile giving, engagement, CRM, and donor communication for nonprofits. MobileCause delivers a suite of mobile engagement tools to nationally recognized nonprofit organizations. Our products include Mobile Giving, Mobile Pledging, Viral Pledging, Mobile Messaging, Mobile CRM and Mobile App. The MobileCause team is comprised of leading nonprofit and technology professionals with the right blend of fundraising development experience, data management and IT expertise. We have an extensive list of successful customers across nonprofit, political, educational, cause and governmental organizations and have operated thousands of campaigns and raised millions of dollars for these organizations. MobileCause is dedicated to helping your nonprofit use new technologies to fundraise, expand and engage your donor base, and reduce costs.



Mobile-XL™ brings immediate, affordable access to mobile content for any GPRS enabled mobile phone globally. The XLBrowser™ breaks the technology barrier between the mobile Internet and all mobile users by enabling them to participate in the mobile web at the low cost of texting. After seamlessly downloading the XLBrowser™, any mobile user will get immediate access to social media, local and national news, music updates and even access email!


Mobilize Solutions

Mobilize Solutions helps companies engage customers to create & share branded photos on social media. "User Generated Ads" are a better alternative to paid ads. Recent paid activations include Toyota USA, Salesforce & Rose Parade. We're positioned to be a market leader in what will evolve to a multibillion-dollar category.



Modbook Inc. develops products and technologies like the Modbook Pro that unleash the creative potential in everyone. The company’s Los Angeles-based team includes Andreas E. Haas, who created the original award-winning Modbook tablet computer. With its past experience as a guide, the team is working on new products and technologies for the creative marketplace. During product development, Modbook Inc. takes advantage of advanced prototyping and manufacturing techniques that allow products to be designed, engineered and launched into production more rapidly than ever before. The company released its first product, the Modbook Pro, at the end of 2012.



Mogl gives you discreet cash-back for dining at participating restaurants. Just create your free account, link your debit & credit cards, then use them to pay. You can choose to keep the cash or donate it to a local food bank.



MomCo is a free social networking app for moms to locate and connect with potential mom friends with similar aged kids and common interests. Our geolocation technology makes it easy for them to find local play dates, events, deals and businesses that cater to them. MomCo makes it so easy for moms to connect to what matters to moms most.


Monitor Mask

Monitor Mask is a Seattle, Washington medical device company founded with the mission of selling the best capnography oxygen face masks to increase patient safety and streamline workflows. In the operating room, one third of the cases are sedation anesthesia as opposed to general anesthesia. When patients are given sedation anesthesia, the anesthesiologist applies a face mask to dispense supplemental oxygen and measure the carbon dioxide in a person’s breath, which is referred to as capnography. A change in these measurements may require immediate intervention, as such patients are at risk for respiratory depression. For this reason, anesthesiologists are mandated to monitor capnography. However, the market lacks optimized face masks that provide accurate capnography sampling capabilities. Frustrated with shortcomings of available options, the founder of Monitor Mask, a practicing anesthesiologist, developed the CapnoVue® family of face masks. Their design provides an easy to use, reliable and consistent means for meeting today’s clinical needs. It can be applied in virtually any patient position or procedural setting. Overall, Monitor Mask is a growing medical device company with FDA "approved” products, ten issued patents, trained sales force partner Salter Labs and growing & recurring sales to leading hospitals across the country. The company’s Board of Directors recently adopted a goal to exit in 1-2 years at > $30M.  This is virtually unheard of for a medical device company with growing sales.   


Moss Adams

Moss Adams is a fully integrated professional services firm dedicated to assisting clients with growing, managing, and protecting prosperity. With more than 3,400 professionals across more than 25 locations in the West and beyond, we work with many of the world’s most innovative companies and leaders. Our strength in the middle market enables us to advise clients at all intervals of development—from start-up, to rapid growth and expansion, to transition. Please contact: Kevin Dusi - kevin.dusi@mossadams.com - 858-627-1436


MovoCash, Inc

MOVO combines a free mobile bank account, peer-to-peer (P2P) money transfer, and mobile payments to deliver a P2P2P™ (Peer-2-Peer-2-Purchase) solution for the 80 million strong Under-banked Millennial Generation. The application leverages proprietary robotic payments technology to create on demand issuance of digital prepaid & gift cards.



mSIGNIA offers the market’s best-in-class frictionless mobile authentication and device recognition solution, helping businesses limit risk, reduce fraud and enhance the customer experience within their fastest-growing digital channels. By combining dynamic contextual authentication and intelligent behavior data analytics, mSIGNIA provides a secure user experience for browser access and mobile apps that protect businesses and end users from account takeover, payment fraud and fraudulent account registrations resulting from malware and data breaches. mSIGNIA’s patented and privacy-compliant security platform provides defense for mobile app developers across a variety of industries, including financial services, e-Commerce, payments, government and healthcare.


MyLab Box

myLAB Box is a first-of-its-kind service that delivers STD screening solutions to your doorstep. Uncomplicate your life today and get results with a click! Sign up for myLAB Box and enjoy the freedom to screen any time anywhere.


N Spine – Acquired by Synthes for $45 million in 2007 (5x multiple)

N Spine, Inc. engages in designing and developing devices for stabilization and motion preservation of the lumbar spine via minimally invasive surgery. Its product includes NFlex, a titanium pedicle screw system, which provides support to the spinal motion segment and also used in non-fusion/hybrid applications. N Spine, Inc. was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in San Diego, California.



NabThat is a platform that reconciles the traditional business practices of car dealerships with the expectations of modern car buyers. Through NabThat’s technology, consumers can shield themselves from sales calls and emails by requesting offers from dealerships without sharing their personal contact information. Additionally, consumers can skip face-to-face negotiation almost entirely by receiving guaranteed offers from dealerships. Finally, NabThat’s platform enables car buyers to pre-arrange



NearWoo allows any business, agency or brand to create hyper-targeted mobile campaigns in ten minutes or less. Our self-serve dashboard is unique to the industry and our automated rich media ad creator generates high-performance ads and implements optimization in real-time. NearWoo’s analytics are both transparent and informative our results platform produces a complete breakdown of engagement by demographic and neighborhood. Our analytics API makes it simple to incorporate NearWoo’s performance data into any unique reporting a client may require. Today’s sophisticated, digital orientated agencies require unique data to win new business and execute on big ideas and creative visions. Our patent-pending, hyperlocal, targeting technology, uses contiguous polygons based on population density, powering our sophisticated and results-driven mobile ad platform. Built in conjunction with Google’s key engineering teams, NearWoo is the first company (and so far the only company) to gain access to Google’s AdX ad inventory at a sub-zip code level. NearWoo has access to over 20 billion hyperlocal monthly impressions through AdX as well as all the other major exchanges such as MoPub, Smaato and Nexage. This gives our advertisers access to superior ad placement and hyperlocal scale beyond comparison.


Nested Knowledge

Bringing Systematic Review to Life Create and share your clinical review on the Internet Trusted by thousands of researchers around the world Pharma and device companies depend on clinical evidence for R&D, clinical trial planning, regulatory approval, and reimbursement, but current evidence management systems are outdated and intensively manually curated. Nested Knowledge has built an all-in-one evidence management platform for these companies to gather, analyze, and visualize clinical data.


Neural Analytics

Neural Analytics is creating products and services to measure, diagnose and track brain health. Our current focus is on Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). We combine leading edge data science with established hardware to allow first responders and clinicians to accurately assess mild to severe TBI, including concussions. Our devices are portable, reliable and produce precise and objective physiological measurements.    


Nevados Engineering, Inc

Nevados Engineering designs and manufactures solar ground installations that are faster to install and less expensive than traditional systems. With $1M awarded from the Department of Energy, Nevados is completing development and preparing to supply systems to solar developers in 2017.


New Age Meats

New Age Meats cultivates tasty meat products using actual animal cells. These cells, when combined with plant ingredients, provide the flavor that’s critically missing from existing plant based meats like Impossible and Beyond, with a high volume scalable solution.


New View Surgical, Inc.

New View Surgical has developed a minimally invasive surgical visualization system that simplifies and cost-reduces laparoscopic surgery. Our team with 30+ years of Med Tech experience has completed alpha prototype, customer validation testing and 2 issued patents. Our Series A preferred round is 80% full. Series A funds being used to complete product dev and to submit for FDA 510(k) clearance by mid-2019. 



NextPro creates & produces over 50K games per year across 5 sports, and distribute this content to a large and captive audience through our own developed OTT. Our goal is to be the #1 destinition for youth sports content. Boot strapped & profitable ($1.8M in rev), with exclusive contracts, we are poised to dominate this $15B a year market.


Ninja Metrics

Ninja Metrics is the creator of Social Value™, a precise measurement of how users influence each other and how much that influence is worth. Ninja Metrics’ key offering, The Katana® Social Analytics Engine, uses predictive analytics and automated social graph analysis to help companies identify, understand, monetize and keep their most valuable, influenceable and influential customers.


Nocimed, Inc.

Nocimed is a Google Chrome browser cloud/SaaS app to image pain by measuring chemical pain biomarkers using existing MR spectroscopy capabilities of leading MR scanners. 1st Focus: painful disc Dx for discogenic low back pain, replace discogram. Major strategic partnerships w/ leaders in radiology (Siemens) & spine (NuVasive).


Noria Water Technologies

At Noria, we are optimizing industrial processes by shining a "spotlight" on critical industrial surfaces. Our flagship system, the RO-Spotlight membrane monitor, has wide-ranging implications on the economic and operational efficiency of water treatment plants across industries -- cutting annual operating costs by 30%.


Now Commerce (formerly Santrio, Inc.)

Now Commerce was founded in 2003 and is dedicated to providing powerful, affordable, and easy-to-use e-commerce software to manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers who use QuickBooks. Now Commerce is an industry leader, providing targeted capabilities that are easy to implement and easy for everyone to use. Our success has come from our dedication to meeting the unique needs of manufacturing and wholesale businesses. This sharp focus has allowed us to provide best-in-the-industry features, support, and robust two-way integration with QuickBooks Desktop.



Numira Biosciences, Inc., a contract research organization, provides imaging services for disease research, drug discovery, and pre-clinical studies in animal models. It offers Virtual Histology for soft tissue imaging applications, such as atherosclerosis, osteoarthritis, heart defects, pulmonary diseases, developmental biology, and phenotyping; and high-resolution bone imaging tools to analyze and characterize the skeletal anatomy and bones of animal models. The company also provides image processing and visual analytics solutions; AltaViewer visualization software, a visualization tool for use in non-clinical environments to view, manipulate, and export images of small animal datasets for research purposes; and imaging chamber, a multi-modality imaging chamber that facilitates the co-registration of anatomical and functional images by means of sequential multi-modal imaging.


NuvOx Therapeutics

NuvOx Therapeutics (aka NuvOx Pharma) focuses on diseases where hypoxia (lack of oxygen) plays critical roles. Hypoxia weakens effectiveness for cancer treatments and causes brain death in stroke. Our product is the first material to reverse tissue hypoxia.


Nymbl Science

Nymbl's mission is to prevent 1 million falls among older adults by working with Medicare Advantage plans. We produce digital balance assessment and intervention software that has demonstrated a 24% reduction in fall risk and is reaching 114,000 covered lives.


Objective Capital Partners

Objective Capital Partners, LLC is a leading investment banking firm offering M&A Advisory, Valuation Advisory, Capital Formation and Corporate Development Services for privately held and public companies with enterprise values up to $250 million We combine a world-class process with deep industry-specific expertise and an exceptional team of specialized professionals across four practices: Business Services, Consumer, Life Sciences & Healthcare, and Technology We believe that maximizing the value of a business requires a highly personalized and industry specialized approach. We are engineered to secure remarkable outcomes for clients by leveraging our deep industry specific knowledge and extensive relationships with active buyers in our core industries of focus. Since 2006, Objective Capital is tenaciously invested in providing world-class, sector-focused advisory services aligned with its clients’ objectives. Please visit the website for more information: www.objectivecp.com


OlFactor Laboratories

Olfactor Laboratories, Inc., an Innovation Economy Corporation portfolio company, is focused on commercializing patent-pending technology based on a scientifically advanced understanding of how blood-feeding insects, such as mosquitoes, utilize their olfactory neurons (sense of smell) to detect carbon dioxide (C02). C02, which makes up a large portion of our exhaled breath and provides the navigational cues necessary to lead the insect to its next blood meal.


Olfactor Labs (Scent Solutions LLC)

ieCrowd's Olfactor Laboratories, Inc. (OLI) is developing multiple patent-pending technologies for use in future products and product platforms, utilizing a breakthrough discovery that enables the impairment of CO2-receptor pathways of mosquitoes and other blood-host seeking insects. Host-seeking insects use CO2 as their primary method for tracking humans.  At OLI, we are building a world-class lab and the team we will need to fulfill our vision of developing new solutions that will help to dramatically reduce suffering from deadly, insect-borne diseases around the world. KiteTM, our first family of product candidates, represents a range of potential future products being built upon our scientific breakthrough. The patent-pending technologies are designed for multiple market segments – global health, personal, home and garden, public health companion animals, and vector and agricultural control. Future Kite products target a $20 billion market and we believe represent a significant business opportunity for market partners.  - See more at: http://www.olfactorlabs.com/our-company-4#sthash.eFz4OhWC.dpuf


Olive Medical – Acquired by DePuy Synths in 2015 (3x multiple)

Olive Medical Corporation was founded in Sandy Utah in October of 2009. The founders came from diverse product development backgrounds in the medical, entertainment, and aerospace fields. Olive Medical is dedicated to reducing the cost of surgical imaging equipment by using a combination of superior technology, vertical integration, and lean development. The OVB1 HD Camera Control Unit, in combination with the TCK1 Camera Head, delivers an image quality equivalent to or better than leading endoscopic cameras while staying within budget constraints.



 Ombitron Inc. (pronounced om-bee-tron) was founded in 2013 to provide easy and open wireless solutions. Ombitron specializes in M2M data solutions by combining cellular gateways, device management software and cloud based services.


Onboard Dynamics, Inc.

Onboard Dynamics has developed innovative natural gas compression technology to lead the transition from traditional energy fuels to the next generation energy fuels to power our truck transportation needs and to provide critical solutions for the natural gas and renewable natural gas industries.


Ondax – Acquired by Coherent in 2018 (2x multiple)

Ondax, Inc. is the market leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of high-performance holographic optical filters, wavelength-stabilized laser sources, and high-performance, THz-Raman® Low-frequency (Low-wavenumber) Raman Spectroscopy Systems for a wide range of industrial, scientific, defense and consumer applications.  Our core technology is state-of-the-art Volume Holographic Gratings (or VHGs, also known as Volume Bragg Gratings or VBGs) – which are specialized optical filters  fabricated from proprietary photosensitive glass.  VHGs are exceptionally versatile optical components that provide wavelength stabilization, spectral and temporal control for lasers/laser-based systems, and dramatically enhance the optical performance and resolution of spectroscopy systems.  Our products enable our customers to make their lasers and optical systems, smaller, more portable, more efficient, less expensive and more environmentally stable and robust.


One Stop Systems – IPO on NASDAQ as OSS in 2018 (10x multiple)

One Stop Systems, a leading manufacturer of industrial-grade computing systems and components, now leads the industry in introducing its line of PCI Express-based products. This latest architecture is revolutionizing the computing industry by increasing the bus speed up to 16 times faster than 64-bit PCI and 80 times faster than Gigabit Ethernet. One Stop Systems has been instrumental in defining PCI Express in industrial computers and introducing its MAX Express product line. Large product offering One Stop Systems began with the vision to offer everything necessary to build complete CompactPCI systems. Since then we’ve expanded our offering to include passive backplane, VME, and custom and proprietary bus structures. Today we offer over 400 standard products. Talented engineering team Armed with a thriving design staff of over a dozen engineers, we consistently produce innovative designs that meet our customers’ requirements. Our talented electrical and mechanical engineers use SolidWorks for mechanical design, Orcad for schematic, and PADS for board design and layout. Standard and semi-custom systems We have an established line of standard enclosures, backplane, single board computers, IO boards, and system monitors. These include enterprise-class and carrier-class products and convection and conduction cooled equipment. We often use these standard products to produce semi-custom products to best meet our customers’ requirements. These customers often procure these products over time with scheduled deliveries through various innovative business agreements. Custom products For our customers who require computing systems that don't follow conventional architectures or which have exceptional requirements, we provide quick-turn prototyping and on-time production. We often turn prototypes or [...]


OnRamp BioInformatics, Inc.

OnRamp BioInformatics simplifies genomic analysis while cutting compute time and cost in half for Pharma, BioTech, and Research Institutions. We combine an intuitive interface for workflow integration, data management and an intelligent storage system for data safety and provenance. We are revenue generating with a team of Ph.D's and IT veterans.


Opposing Views — Acquired by Deep Dive Media

Opposing Views (www.opposingviews.com) is one of the largest news properties in the U.S. We reach over 25M unique Americans monthly, highlighting the nation's most pressing issues through local stories. Opposing Views covers politics, crime and justice, gun rights, immigration, drug law, and more. On the social media side, we have built an active Facebook community with more than 1.3 million fans.


OptionEase – Acquired by Solium Capital in 2012 (5x multiple)

OptionEase is the market and technology leader in on-demand accounting compliance solutions. More than 500 companies ranging from small privately held start-ups to large multi-national public corporations are using the OptionEase compliance solution to comply with the complex regulation of FAS 123(R) [now ASC Topic 718] and manage their equity plans. By choosing the OptionEase solution, you are acquiring a proven application that has withstood the rigors of successful independent audits by all of our clients. Built for the CFO by accountants and auditors, the OptionEase solution, which is SAS 70 Type II certified, is the only accounting-based application that can grow with your company’s needs to support critical assumptions and decisions for equity compensation. Contact us for a personal, live Web- based demo of our application today!


Orange County Business Bank

17901 Von Karman Ave Irvine, CA 92614 Map & Directions Orange County Business Bank is the elite, full-service commercial bank specifically serving the needs of businesses and professionals throughout Southern California. We are dedicated to delivering the latest in banking products, with customized programs that meet our customers' individual needs. Our goal is to provide everything you would expect from a big bank, but more importantly something that they can't provide; personal attention and accessibility. Our customers are able to walk through the door and interact one-on-one with our staff, ask questions and receive answers, personalize their accounts and products, and even shake hands with the President if they wish. Exceptional customer service is paramount to our mission. You can rest assured that when you call our bank, you will be speaking with a live person who works and resides locally, not in some far away land. Find more info here.


Orca Inventory

Orca Inventory's system thinks, calculates and uses a proprietary intelligent algorithm to assure you a perfect order every time, with only the click of a button. A system so precise you'll increase profits by thousands of dollars and save hours upon hours of labor - yet so simple any level employee can easily learn to use it within minutes.



ORFID Corporation is an organic electronics company with a unique technology that will enable the manufacture of new products such as light-weight and flexible displays, smart labels and intelligent packaging. Electronic products made with organic components will be dramatically less costly to manufacture and more versatile than today’s silicon-based products. ORFID is developing a new organic transistor, the Vertical Organic Field Effect Transistor (VOFET), to replace the conventional silicon semiconductor transistor technology currently used to manufacture products such as flat panel displays and radio frequency identification tags (RFIDs). The Company's initial focus is to enable the development of fully organic displays that are thin, flexible, and inexpensive to manufacture.


Organic To Go – IPO (OTGO) in 2000 (1.3x multiple)

Organic To Go is a multi-channel purveyor of organic and natural food and beverage products targeting the corporate delivery and retail segments as well as health centers and educational institutions. The company operates in centralized kitchens that supply satellite retail storefronts that are located primarily in business districts and, in some instances, within corporate headquarters.


Orion Data Analysis Corporation

Leveraging experts across many different fields, Orion Data Analysis Corporation has developed a patent pending, proprietary data analysis and simulation engine. ODAC uses the engine to run a number of different web sites like Accuscore.com and StatShark.com. These sites focus specifically on Sports and construct mathematical equations comprising more than 100 different variables for every player, coach and team, generating the full range of possible results and the precise odds and probabilities for every statistic, every player, and every game.ODAC uses the content generated from the simulations to develop unique content offerings that add value to the individual competition as well as deliver high end sponsorship opportunities for main stream media companies. Creating value for both the consumer and the businesses by delivering the most accurate content, in fun, easy to understand ways that allow corporations to participate with sponsorships is the future of the sports media business – and ODAC is helping to lead the way.



ORNA is AI-guided cyberattack detection and response automation across all business functions. End-to-end incident response automation for small IT teams. Simplify 24/7 threat detection, triage, and human incident response with 94% reduction in false positives and AI playbooks.    



Orthera has been producing high-quality orthotic footwear for the medical market since 2001. Taking inspiration from the needs of professional athletes, Olympians and members of the U.S. military, Orthera orthotic inserts are optimized to perform for a wide array of lifestyles and needs. Whether you’re looking for peak performance or just want to feel comfortable as you walk and work, Orthera products help individuals take on each day without thinking about their feet, knees and backs. We blend our knowledge of biomechanical engineering with input from expert podiatrists, to provide you with superior orthotic inserts. Made with precise attention to detail in our San Diego, California factory, using the best materials possible, Orthera orthotic inserts are firm, supportive and easy to use. Orthera orthotic inserts are designed to help prevent foot and body damage, help athletes perform at the highest level of efficiency, and help to relieve common foot, knee and back pain. Orthera appreciates that your feet are the foundation for your whole body and your whole life. As such, our products are intended to help you stay active and healthy for life. Whether you use your Orthera orthotic inserts in dress shoes, running or tennis shoes or even sandals, you’ll be leveraging over a decade of research and development in foot health and comfort. Constructed in different designs and sizes, everyone can find an orthotic insert to fit their needs.


OtoNexus Medical Technologies

OtoNexus is developing a ground-breaking, patented, Doppler ultrasound medical device to instantly and accurately diagnose middle ear infections (Otitis Media) in children and adults. 17.6 Million doctor visits a year are coded to OM at a cost of $12-$15 Billion (U.S.), yet clinical studies show a 50% error rate in diagnosis.



Outsite is a cooler version of WeWork ($10B valuation), combining co-working and co-living for location independent Millennial professionals in beautiful places. With 3 villas (Santa Cruz, San Diego and Tahoe), we earned $300k in beta in 2015 and hosted over 650 guests from companies like Waze, Buffer, LinkedIn, Facebook and Patagonia.


Oxeia Biopharmaceuticals, Inc.

Oxeia Biopharmaceuticals is a clinical stage company developing ghrelin as a treatment for concussions and other neurotrauma indications. This is a phase 2 ready program with nearly 350 patient safety database and cGMP supply. Oxeia expects to have clinical data within 18 months of trial start. US Unmet need: > 3 M concussions per yr.


Pacific Mercantile Bank – IPO (PMBC) in 2000 (6x multiple)

Pacific Mercantile Bank opened for business March 1, 1999. Today, Pacific Mercantile is one of the largest banks headquartered in Orange County and serves small- and middle-market businesses with a full range of loan, deposit and cash management products and services. The Bank, which is FDIC insured and a member of the Federal Reserve System, provides a wide range of commercial banking services to businesses, business owners and business professionals through its combination of traditional banking offices and comprehensive, sophisticated electronic banking services. Pacific Mercantile Bank operates a total of eight banking offices in Southern California, located in Orange, Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Bernardino counties.


Paradigm Select Assets

Paradigm Select Assets is an asset fund for investment in distressed debt.The purpose of the fund is to deliver consistently high returns that are uncorrelated to the equity markets.Paradigm purchases under performing debt, assetizes the debt claims into legal judgments, and then liquidates the portfolios on the secondary market. Our “Recovery Valuation Approach” utilizes proprietary methods, as well as comprehensive financial models based upon $2B of processed debt history, to uncover value niches for investment in the credit markets. The Opportunity: Paradigm Select Assets has positioned itself for a unique opportunity in the debt buying arena. Two recent factors have combined to dramatically bring down prices of debt portfolios, while at the same time making larger quantities of high quality debt available on the market. Banks are charging off business and consumer loans earlier than a year ago, and this has resulted in higher availability of fresh debt paper. Also, the tightening of credit terms has forced several larger debt buyers onto the sidelines, bringing down prices of charged off debt to the lowest levels seen in the last 10 years. The reduction of prices by more than 50% from a year ago has created a unique buying opportunity in the market.


Pasturebird, Inc.

We're building a better future for poultry production. Pasturebird is the largest pasture-raised poultry producer in the nation, with the scalable IP, brand, and know-how to replace factory farming with a system that is good for the land, the animal, and the consumer. The future of livestock isn't sustainable - it's regenerative.



Pathware: 20% of biopsies fail to make a diagnosis. Each repeated procedure costs hospitals $3,000 per occurrence that is unreimbursed. Pathware has developed a biopsy quality assessment tool to verify the sample during the procedure to remove this risk while generating additional revenue for the hospital through established billing codes.



PercAssist - The disparity between donors and heart transplant recipients is growing at a very fast rate with the aging population. We provide a simple, cost-effective, minimally invasive approach, bridge to transplant, designed for interventional cardiologists to treat congestive heart failure.



Perfecta's mission is to empower brokers, traders and investors around the world to realize their full potential. With echo-trading, traders are able to duplicate trades made by an echo-leader. Echo-Trading takes all the complexities  inherent with traditional currency trading out of the equation; making it fun, easy and addictive for all users.



PetDx is a molecular diagnostics startup focused on the development of breakthrough non-invasive “liquid biopsy” tests for the early detection, characterization, and management of cancer in pets. Founded by Daniel Grosu, former CMO of Illumina and Sequenom. PetDx is initially focused on the leading cause of death in dogs: cancer.



PetPlay sells Natural pet food and pet treats under the Petite Cuisine and Jake's brands. PetPlay’s mission is to provide the best quality natural pet foods and treats that pet owners can buy. We source our ingredients carefully and with the thought to the environment and the safety of the pet. Our products are dolphin safe, non GMO (Genetically Modified Organism), and for the most part grain free unless required by our nutritionist or by law. We believe that ingredients such as tuna should be harvested in a conscientious manner with as much thought towards sustainability as towards economics. We never compromise on safety of our products and the safety of the pet because we know that this is a sacred trust that we are given by the pet owner. Success is measured not by sales but by the letters and calls we get from happy and satisfied pet owners. The relationship between the pet and pet owner will be enhanced by the use of our products. The health of the pet is always our paramount concern and is reflected in our choice of ingredients and processing methods.



PharmaSecure’s innovative solutions were originally proven in the Pharmaceutical industry, protecting patients from the threat of counterfeit medicines. Counterfeit medicines are a global, multi-billion dollar epidemic that affects patients, public health, and the global healthcare system. Worldwide sales of counterfeit medicines account for an estimated $75 billion in annual sales and are responsible foran estimated 1 million annual deaths according to the World Health Organization. In emerging markets, the threat of counterfeit medicines and other products is even greater as supply chains are not as developed and regulatory bodies have not yet evolved to completely solve the problem. PharmaSecureis the leading provider of anti-counterfeiting solutions for emerging markets and has now protected over 1.8 billion products and counting by enabling patients and consumers to verify the authenticity of their products with a simple SMS, mobile app, or website. With a proven solution in the pharmaceutical industry, PharmaSecure has now expanded its innovative brand protection platform to be used in a wide-range of industries including FMCG, beauty & personal care, electronics, automotive, and agri-business. In addition to empowering consumers and patients to fight the spread of counterfeit goods, PharmaSecure’sconsumer engagement solutions can be used by companies to connect with their consumers and patients and offer an innovative ecosystem with direct communications, promos, and other interactive solutions. These solutions build a consumers’ connection to the brand, promote peace of mind against counterfeiting, and generate actionable consumer insights that are used by leading companies to improve marketing and sales performance. PharmaSecure has protected 1.8 billion products in 40+ geographies [...]



Empower People. Fortify IT. PhishCloud is the Most Comprehensive Phishing Solution Built for People. PhishCloud phishing protection empowers people to make intelligent decisions on digital phishing threats, fortifies IT visibility so they can respond to that threat, and delivers reality-based education that reduces the risk of phishing attacks.



  Phytonix Corporation (“Phytonix” or “Px”) is an industrial biotechnology company producing sustainable chemicals directly from carbon dioxide. Our patented process employs cyanobacteria, which are the same organisms responsible for creating a breathable atmosphere on Earth and that contributed greatly to the genesis of our miraculous blue planet. Phytonix’s objective is to be the global leader in bio-safe, direct solar chemicals and fuel production utilizing carbon dioxide as the sole feedstock and energy from the Sun. Phytonix and its partners utilize a collaborative and distributed business model with a capital-light strategy, based upon circular economy principles, to produce a variety of renewable chemicals and biofuel from carbon dioxide, sunlight, and water via patented photobiological and genomics technology. Through its patented technology, the company will initially produce biobutanol and biopentanol, valuable industrial chemicals and potential “drop-in” fuels to replace gasoline. The first product in our pipeline, n-butanol, can be used for a broad array of fuels and chemicals – including jet fuels, bio-based plastics, and synthetic rubber. Unblended butanol and pentanol biofuels can be used in gasoline-powered engines with little or no engine modifications. These chemicals can also be used to enhance fuel blends with ethanol. Phytonix’s n-butanol production process is a replacement for the fossil-based, carbon-intensive process currently used by the worlds largest chemical companies. Our process eliminates one ton of carbon dioxide via bioconversion for every 125 gallons of n-butanol produced. Phytonix seeks to eliminate the need for biomass, such as food or other crops, in both biochemical and biofuel production. Phytonix believes that some [...]


Portfolium – Acquired by Instructure for $40 million in 2019 (6x multiple)

Portfolium is a social portfolio network and showcase connecting young, eager talent with opportunity. By combining features typically reserved for social and professional networking platforms with the ability to create and aggregate multimedia content from across the web, Portfolium uniquely provides a deeper, all-encompassing view of a student’s passions, abilities and potential.


PostBidShip, Inc.

Post.Bid.Ship connects shippers’ (companies with goods to ship) spot market (non-contract) capacity needs with carriers’ (trucking companies) spot market capacity in a real-time auction environment.


PowerGrow Inc.

PowerGrow's renewable powered controlled growing environments enable farmers mitigate all weather risk, grow 1,200% - 1,800% more produce per acre, use 95% less water, earn 2x - 3x greater profit.


Powur PBC

Powur is pioneering the renewable energy / efficiency product category inside the $170 billion annual direct selling industry. Our first partnership is with the world's #1 solar energy provider, SolarCity, co-founded by Elon Musk. We are executing, have sales traction, and need funding for growth.


Procore Technologies – IPO in 2021 (368x multiple)

Procore helps firms drastically increase project efficiency and accountability by streamlining and mobilizing project communications and documentation. This real time data and accessibility minimizes costly risks and delays—ultimately boosting profits. Using our award-winning suite of project management tools, over a million registered Procore users across the globe manage all types of construction projects including industrial plants, office buildings, apartment complexes, university facilities, retail centers, and more. Having suffered the pain of managing a construction site with little more than pens, papers, and profanity, our leaders understand the chaos associated with construction project management. Trying to manage a construction project from out of town, Tooey Courtemanche developed a way to keep track of all of construction's moving parts without losing his sanity. Tooey wrote a quick project management software solution to help him survive the building process which quickly became popular with his general contractor. Seeing opportunity in helping others manage the construction process, he researched, asked industry professionals, enlisted the SaaS technology experience of Steve Zahm, and together they created a cloud-based, mobile project management platform designed to specifically alleviate construction project pain points. In 2003, Procore was born.


Property Bureau

PropertyRoom.com offers great deals with a twist. We work with over 3,000 law enforcement agencies and municipalities nationwide to help auction their seized, stolen, abandoned and surplus goods. Yup, you heard that right. Seized, stolen, abandoned and surplus goods.


Q3DM – Acquired by Beckman Coulter in 2003 (1.3x multiple)

Q3DM is a provider of innovative products and services in high throughput microscopy.Q3DM (Quantitative 3-Dimensional Microscopy) provides HTM platforms and optimized assays that are focused on alleviating bottlenecks in the drug discovery and development process. These inefficiencies, together with the vast amount of information pouring out of the human genome project, demand drastic changes in the traditional, labor intensive, cellular analysis process. Drug-protein interaction tests are being replaced by drug-cell population interaction tests, to provide superior information on drug induced cellular responses. This process lacks optimized assays, automated cellular imaging and data analysis tools with sufficient throughput to satisfy the demands of the rapidly evolving drug discovery and development environment. Q3DM's patented technologies include software and hardware for: high speed sub-micron autofocus, cellular image analysis, fluorescence light source stabilization, and image data management. These novel technologies directly attack long-standing constraints in automated microscopy and quantitative cellular image analysis.



Ranker is a data-driven media company, the #1 online destination for opinion-based, crowdsourced rankings of everything. The company's technology is centered on user engagement, turning its lists into the “best possible rankings” via the wisdom of crowds. A Quantcast Top 50 site, Ranker attracts more than 40MM monthly unique visitors, and outperforms almost every other publisher in time-on-site per visit. With more than 10MM votes cast monthly across thousands of rankings, Ranker's consumer sentiment data was launched as a b2b tool in December 2016.


Ready. Set. Food!

Ready. Set. Food! is a food allergy prevention company with a mission to protect babies from developing peanut, egg & milk allergies. Created by parents who are also doctors, and rooted in three groundbreaking clinical trials, parents only add one packet a day to baby’s bottle or solid foods to prevent up to 80% of common food allergies.


Real Deal Docs (formerly Practice Technologies)

RealDealDocs is a service that gives you insider access to legal documents drafted by America's best lawyers and companies. Our innovative search engine allows you to instantly find the agreements, documents and deal clauses you need, increasing efficiency while ensuring quality. RealDealDocs compiles millions of professional documents pulled from a variety of sources into one searchable database. Our famed indexing engine categorizes and organizes these documents by a variety of searchable facets - including document type, governing law/state, parties, industry/sector, counsel and more - and can be combined with powerful full-text searching to instantly deliver on-point results. So whether you’re trying to find an example of an employment agreement for a financial executive at a North Carolina bank or an obscure pricing clause for a supply agreement out of Asia, you’re going to able to find it - and fast.


RealAge – Acquired by Hearst Magazines in 2007 (and then by Shareware in 2012) (2x multiple)

RealAge is a division of Sharecare that provides health information to consumers. Now the registration path for Sharecare.com, the stated mission of RealAge is to encourage consumers to maximize their health and wellness by making their "RealAge" younger. It was founded by Michael Roizen, currently the chief wellness officer at The Cleveland Clinic. In the RealAge Test, users typically fill out a questionnaire about their health history, which is then used to generate personalized content, including highly targeted advertisements. Most revenue comes from pharmaceutical companies paying to advertise their drugs to individuals who have taken the website test and become members.


RealSeq Biosciences

RealSeq Biosciences Where Efficiency Meets Accuracy. RealSeq’s industry leading small RNA NGS library technology allows broad detection with “best in class” low bias. Our wide range of sequencing services includes library preparation from extracted RNA or ready-to-sequence pooled libraries as well as customization for your bioinformatic needs. Contact us for more information to see how we can help with your RNA sequencing needs.



RECESS is the easiest way to sponsor live events. Our online marketplace helps brands and agencies discover, contract, pay and advance with thousands of event organizers, all in one place. We help customers including Apple, Google, Square, Viacom, Red Bull and Nestle reach millions of consumers via event marketing at scale.


RegeneMed Inc.

RegeneMed accelerates the development of safer, more effective drugs by providing integrated high throughput platforms incorporating engineered human tissue-based assays. Our patented, proprietary, core technologies enable in vitro growth of engineered human tissues, including liver, GI tract, bone marrow, blood-brain barrier, cardiovascular and neuronal. The first and critical application of these tissue-based in vitro model systems is to replace cell-based assays and animal testing to debottleneck ADME/Tox evaluation, the leading cause of drug failures facing the  pharmaceutical industry. RegeneMed tissue technologies are off-the-shelf available, scalable, reproducible and specific and designed to provide normal, diseased and polymorphic tissues. Additional applications include drug discovery platforms (cancer and antiviral), biosensors (chem/biowarfare), diagnostics, medical devices (extracorporeal devices) and tissue implants. RegeneMed provides 3-D human and animal liver tissue co-cultures, industry-standard monolayer cell-based products from the same donor for comparison, stem cells and 3-D tissue derived from stem cells, specialized tissue and stem cell media, customized reagents for drug discovery, and contract testing services for ADMET and efficacy assessment in drug discovery.  



Reglagene is a therapeutics company that leverages its expertise in the design and development of brain penetrant medicines to create breakthrough therapies for the safe and effective treatment of brain diseases.



 ResortPass (www.resortpass.com) is an online booking platform for day access to resorts and hotels for the pool, spa, fitness, and amenities. Hotels benefit from a new revenue stream of Day Guests - locals who don't need a room but would like to enjoy leisure amenities as well as travelers staying at alternative accommodations.


Respiratory Motion

Respiratory Motion’s ExSpiron 1Xi Minute Ventilation Monitor is the only product to measure respiratory volumes non-invasively. The ExSpiron 1Xi provides this comprehensive information for non-intubated patients for a more complete and quantifiable patient assessment throughout the care continuum. The ExSpiron 1Xi™ Non-Invasive Minute Ventilation Monitor is a continuous, point-of-care system that provides real-time quantitative monitoring of Minute Ventilation (MV), Tidal Volume (TV) and Respiratory Rate (RR). The ExSpiron 1Xi™ is the first monitor to provide these comprehensive metrics — previously only available for patients on a ventilator — for all patients. The ExSpiron 1Xi™ brings the vigilance and safety of cardiac monitoring to respiratory care, for a more complete and quantifiable patient assessment.


RetroSense Therapeutics – Acquired by Allergen for $60 million in 2016 (6x multiple)

Led by a team of seasoned veterans, RetroSense Therapeutics was founded in 2009 to develop a novel gene therapy approach to vision restoration. RetroSense is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, a short drive from Wayne State University, where the approach was pioneered. RetroSense has secured exclusive, worldwide rights to relevant intellectual property from Wayne State University and Salus University. RetroSense’s management team has commercial and scientific experience across all phases of drug development, as well as startup success. The Company operates virtually in order to secure top industry talent for its diverse, specialized needs in an efficient and effective manner. RetroSense is an agile company with a culture of flexibility, determination, and innovative thinking.


Ring Router – Acquired by eLocal in 2018 (1x multiple)

Ring Router was founded by a former Insurance Agent and a veteran of the lead generation industry to help insurance agents save time and money calling on poor quality “leads”.  We built Ring Router with you in mind. Every aspect of our technology was developed not only to enhance your experience, but make sure we were able to offer you the highest quality Exclusive Inbound Sales calls available. As a valuable partner, we give you the necessary tools to control and manage your calls. We give you access to a real-time call log with full transparency so you can track your conversions. Ring Router identified a need within the industry to provide a product that gives users more autonomy and control of their leads. Ring Router is and will continue to be a  catalyst of change, a change we know will benefit you.


Rock My World

Using data from the accelerometer in your smartphone, RockMyRun knows your steps per minute, and we'll continually adjust the mix tempo so that you can hit your stride and coast along on the myBeat™ wave



Roomored is a technology driven visual design solution which helps home builders become ecommerce capable, by enabling them to sell finish options online (such as countertops, tiles, carpets). Roomored currently works with over 18 national builders in 30 different divisions across the US & Canada, including 10 of the top 30 builders


Rutan & Tucker

Rutan & Tucker’s lawyers are widely known as the best and most effective attorneys in California. Rutan recruits top lawyers from the finest law schools around the country. As a result, Rutan is staffed with attorneys of the highest caliber who provide the most sophisticated legal services available today. Rutan’s commitment to excellence and value set us apart from other top firms, and enable us to meet the challenge of obtaining the desired results for our clients at the best possible cost. Today, Rutan & Tucker’s practice extends nationwide, while maintaining our connection to the fabric of California. Rutan & Tucker continues to distinguish itself as one of California’s largest full-service law firms, as it has for decades, with a significant presence in Orange County, Silicon Valley and San Francisco. 611 Anton Blvd., Ste. 1400 Costa Mesa, CA 92626


Rx Timer Cap

The Rx Timer CapTM is a pill bottle with a digital timer on the cap that shows the amount of time it’s been since you’ve last taken your prescription medication. Perfect tool for managing your medicine, the simple timer on the cap works like a stopwatch, counting the time since your medication was last taken, and resetting itself every time the container is opened. This easy and simple-to-use healthcare tool helps patients take medication on-time, according to the doctor’s prescription.


Salty Girl Seafood, Inc

Salty Girl Seafood offers a line of sustainable, traceable seafood products that are portioned and pre-marinated to make choosing and preparing seafood easy. The brand and product line disrupts the seafood industry, bringing a fresh face and innovative product line to the consumer.


Savara Pharmaceuticals (listed on NASDAQ as SVRA after merger with MAST (3x multiple)

Savara Pharmaceuticals is an emerging specialty pharmaceutical company developing innovative pulmonary drugs for the treatment of serious and life-threatening conditions. Inhaled antibiotics are becoming the cornerstone of treatment in patients with cystic fibrosis and other chronic care patients who experience frequent lung infections, specifically Pseudomonas aeruginosa infections. Despite these advancements, there are currently no approved inhaled drugs to treat methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in people with cystic fibrosis―a life-threatening infection known to shorten the lives of affected patients. Vancomycin administered intravenously is the antibiotic of choice for the treatment of MRSA-related bronchopneumonia in cystic fibrosis patients, however, this method does not achieve optimal penetration into the lungs and systemic toxicities limit its use in a chronic setting. Savara Pharmaceuticals’ lead product candidate is AeroVanc™ (vancomycin hydrochloride inhalation powder), the first inhaled antibiotic being developed to address the growing population of MRSA-infected cystic fibrosis patients. By delivering vancomycin directly to the site of infection, AeroVanc has the ability to improve clinical efficacy and reduce adverse effects caused by broad-spectrum antibiotics.


ScanlanKemperBard – Sold in 2007 (1.2x multiple)

ScanlanKemperBard is a privately held real estate merchant bank based in Portland, Oregon. We acquire, manage and transform commercial properties into profitable, risk-adjusted returns for select high-net-worth individuals, family offices, trusts, and institutional investors. Since our founding over two decades ago, we have originated more than $3.82 billion in total portfolio activity. This investment was in the Riverside Condo Development Project. Specifically, the partnership is acquiring two-story garden-style apartment properties in and around western Riverside and San Bernadino counties. The plan is to acquire the assets, improve their performance and, in approximately three-to-five years, sell the portfolio to an institutional investor probably offshore.


Schlep & Fetch

Schlep & Fetch is an On-Demand Delivery Service, Personal Messenger, and Expedited Courier in Los Angeles. We offer customized delivery solutions including scheduled routing and local retail and restaurant delivery. If you or a customer needs something quickly.



San Diego State University is an academically rich urban university that provides endless possibilities for students. Part of the 23-campus California State University system, SDSU is the third-largest university in the state with an enrollment of nearly 34,000 students. We offer nearly 200 different academic degree choices, including more than 90 undergraduate majors leading to a bachelor's degree. With award-winning professors, top-notch research facilities, and a sunny location at the gateway to Latin America and the Pacific Rim, SDSU gives students the tools to expand their knowledge and their potential.


Seatrec, Inc.

Seatrec designs and sells proprietary power generation technologies that convert temperature differences into electricity. Seatrec power systems replace the need for traditional battery storage and non-renewable energy sources. Products using a Seatrec power system are more capable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly.



SeniorQuote Insurance Services was founded over 10 years ago by Bill Haynor, a pioneer in offering affordable life and health insurance solutions to the “Baby Boomer” generation. “The desire to protect seniors like me from the uncertainties of life,” Bill explains simply. “That was my reason for starting SeniorQuote.” Bill personally understands the importance of having good health coverage at an affordable price. Not long ago, Bill experienced a series of health issues that forced him to rely on his personal Medicare Supplement Insurance. With a heart surgery, emergency appendicitis, open heart surgery and a knee surgery all in a two year period, Bill quickly exceeded his Medicare coverage, with bills totaling well over $400,000. Click for a look at Bill’s medical bill. “It was unbelievable!” Bill laughs. “I have been so healthy for my whole life, but in that short period of time I was hit from every direction, and I would have had to pay almost half a million dollars in medical bills, if I didn’t have Medicare and my Medicare Supplement Insurance plan. Instead, I paid nearly nothing. More than ever before, I see the value we provide to our customers at SeniorQuote.” In the early 1970s, Bill worked with the Waddell and Reed life insurance model which promoted low cost term life insurance in place of higher cost whole life insurance with the proposition that the difference in premium (premium savings) should be invested in mutual funds for retirement. In the 1980s, Bill was a founder of SelectQuote Insurance Services, one of [...]



Sentrian's team of world-renowned clinicians, mathematicians, scientists, engineers and healthcare executives are building a next-generation remote patient analytics and monitoring platform with the goal to detect changes in a patient’s health state days, weeks and eventually months in advance. With these predictions it becomes possible to act on these changes before a significant health problem develops so that less risky, and lower cost, interventions can be implemented. This will help “at-risk” healthcare organizations make significant reductions in cost while allowing them to improve quality and alleviate an unquantifiable amount of human suffering. The Jointly Health end-to-end Remote Analytics and Monitoring Platform (RAMP) is designed to continuously identify patients in need of remote monitoring, enable the development of health deterioration detection models, and deploy these models to monitor patients and detect early deterioration before symptoms manifest themselves.


SeQual Technologies – Acquired by Caire (Chart Industries) for $60 million in 2010 (1.3x multiple)

SeQual Technologies, Inc. develops medical oxygen systems. It offers medical oxygen concentrators and devices that separate oxygen from air to provide supplemental breathing oxygen for individuals with chronic lung diseases. The company also provides air separation systems for various commercial and industrial applications. It serves medical, military, industrial, and commercial markets. SeQual Technologies, Inc. was founded in 1991 and is based in San Diego, California.



ShareDesk is an online platform for flexible workspaces. Our platform makes it easy for mobile professionals to discover spaces and book them under flexible terms – per hour, per day, or per month. On the same note, ShareDesk helps companies rent out, and manage their available spaces. There are over 1,500 companies using ShareDesk in all corners of the world. If you have unused space in your corporate office, coworking space, business center, incubator, or studio you’ll be able to rent it to mobile professionals and knowledge-based employees. The platform gives you complete flexibility in how you list your space and helps you manage the entire process. Also, ShareDesk provides key utilities for search, verification, payment, communication, and reviews. ShareDesk is now introducing Optix, an application to provide tailored workplace mobility solutions for enterprise companies. This allows companies to access a global network of workplaces to leverage the benefits of flexible workplace programs, and utilize their corporate real estate more efficiently. Thousands of professionals use ShareDesk each month to discover and book spaces. Work where you want, and with the people you want. ShareDesk makes it easy and exciting to discover unique workplaces around the world to work, meet, and collaborate with like-minded professionals.


Shoonya DIgital

At Shoonya, we create game-based learning for children under the age of 10 to learn multiple languages and cultural diversity. We bring the best of Disney and Duolingo on a single platform with interactive characters designed to educate, entertain and engage young brains while exposing them to multiple languages and cultures.


SicommNet, Inc.

Secure Internet Commerce Network Inc. (SicommNet) was founded in 1998 by a team including public sector procurement management; supply chain professionals and information technology trailblazers who developed and implemented online eProcurement systems for electronically automating and managing government agency buying and selling processes. SicommNet became the first United States based company to successfully provide public sector eProcurement application “Software as a Service” (SaaS) to State and local government municipalities and their respective vendor customers. Today this is referred to as “Running in the Cloud” secure hosted service.    SicommNet provides an enterprise eProcurement software suite. Our eProcurement suite offers end-to-end eProcurement processes including requisition and solicitation creations, approvals, opportunity postings and notifications to registered vendors, vendor pre-bid conference announcements and pre-registration, addendum notifications, vendor question and answer periods, vendor electronic submission of response, sealed bid opening, bid tabulation and internal distribution evaluations, and electronic notifications of awards, followed by purchase orders, shipping notification, receipt, (and when integrated with the Agency Financial Accounting System) authorization for payment. Our additional eProcurement capabilities include iCatalog, contract tracking, ad hoc reporting, and spend analysis.  


Single Pass

Single Pass is the only patented, disposable, electrocautery device that can cauterize deep tissue through a guide needle. The Single Pass electro-cautery device effectively seals the biopsy channel by cauterizing the tissue to prevent bleeding. It also improves the safety of biopsy procedures for at-risk patients and allows for the use of larger guide needles to collect bigger tissue samples with a fewer number of needle passes. Safe. Fast. Effective.



Sizzle is building a “SportsCenter for Gaming”, powered by AI. Today, there are over 2.5 billion people that play video games, with 1 billion of them watching gaming content online. For these fans, Sizzle is building AI to automatically create daily highlights of their favorite streamers and esports tournaments.


SleepSafe Drivers

The SleepSafe™ Drivers program is designed specifically for employees in risk-sensitive jobs or with challenging work schedules. Offered as a complete solution, it allows them to be diagnosed and treated for sleep apnea in a confidential, convenient and cost effective manner. Our management team has unparalleled experience and expertise in ambulatory testing, high-compliance treatment products and protocols, and a strong network with the nation's leading sleep labs, sleep physicians, and Durable Medical Equipment (DME) providers. Our specialized program is logistically efficient and effective, in complete contrast to the 50% failure rate delivered by traditional insurance programs. We understand the need to minimize downtime and deliver 90%+ success in treatment compliance. Through our proprietary Sleepsafe On-Site™ testing and Sure-Compliance™ programs, most drivers can get tested overnight, have the results and prescription in the morning, and then get fully set-up and extensively coached and trained on their APAP device that same day.


SmartHome (SmartLabs)

Smarthome is one of the world's largest home automation retailers, becoming an easy-to-use source for thousands of affordable lighting, security, and home entertainment products that the average do-it-yourselfer can safely install. Our team of product specialists strive to deliver the newest cutting-edge products at the best possible prices. A SmartLabs, Inc. company, Smarthome distributes products with award-winning INSTEON® technology. INSTEON is the gold standard networking technology for the connected home. It is a powerful, wireless home-control networking technology. Lighting control, scene lighting, timers, control & status on smartphones and tablets, leak, door & motion sensing and garage door control are some of the more popular applications. INSTEON-compatible products are affordable, easy-to-program devices that communicate over your home's existing wiring and over radio-frequency signals, a dual-mesh system that significantly increases signal reliability.


Snap Bio, Inc.

Snap Bio is developing novel treatments for pancreatic cancer and other endodermal cancers based on next generation kinase inhibitors derived from Nature. Snap Bio implements a novel approach and cutting edge platform to transform natural molecules into potent and selective inhibitors of PIM3 kinases linked to these deadly diseases.


Social Rewards

Social Rewards is a new social loyalty company based in Torrance, CA, founded by Joseph Morin and Mike Uesugi, veterans of the digital industry with a combined experience level of over 25 years. Social Rewards is a cohesive blend of social media, affiliate marketing and loyalty rewards programs rewarding consumer brand advocates with loyalty program points for social media activity. In development since late 2009 and incorporated March of 2010, Social Rewards received a seed round of angel funding from high-profile investors including Tech Coast Angel members and has 8 employees.



Sockwa is a New Breed of Minimal Footwear. Free Your Sole. We make strangely addictive footwear that are the lightest and most tactile on earth. Sockwa are the ultimate second shoe for the active lifestyle - just roll them up - and our proprietary production process produces better footwear with less environmental impact. The Sockwa sole-ution is the thinnest sole possible. Our sole allows for maximum tactility and natural foot movement and is ideal for an endless number of healthy lifestyle activities like beach and water sports, yoga and exercise, and on and on. Sockwa stands for high performance natural comfort, innovative clean design and earth friendly manufacturing. Tread Earth Lightly.


Solulink, Inc.

At Solulink, we develop high-performance products that link biomolecules together. Our continuous efforts in new product development and service offerings enable you to remain at the forefront of advanced bioscience research. Our products are developed with you in mind. As we refine our products and develop new ones, we continue to link up with researchers to help guide our development. Milestones such as the NanoLink™ or MagnaLink™ Streptavidin Magnetic Beads with the highest available binding capacity, ChromaLink™ Antibody Labeling Kit and the antibody-oligo conjugation versions of our kits represent our commitment to consistently providing innovative products to meet the changing needs of our customers. We are continually adding more user-friendly features to our linker capability and kits. We are now the first company offering complete antibody labeling kits with purification included. And we are developing more exciting new conjugation kits, all based on the same successful product ideals: Versatile products that are easy to use, quantitative and affordable. Bioconjugation technologies, enabling the linking of biomolecules to reporters, surfaces, or other biomolecules, constitute a key tool kit enabling many classes of reagents which power modern biotechnologies such as flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry (“IHC”), Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (“ELISA”), Western blotting, next generation sequencing, gene expression microarrays, bead-based cell isolation and multiplexed assays, and bioactive surfaces. But even as biotechnology’s need for higher-performance conjugation chemistries grows ever greater, bio-linking technologies have largely stagnated following the introductions of the unstable and unreliable streptavidin/biotin and maleimide chemistries for protein conjugation in the 1960s.



Somabar is the world’s first app controlled robotic bartending appliance created for the home kitchen. With its streamlined design you can thoroughly mix cocktails and infuse bitters to make the perfect cocktail in seconds.



Sourcify connects companies with the right factories and walks them through the product development cycle with project management software.


Spine Align — Acquired in 2021 (2x multiple)

Spine Align is developing the world's first platform to enable real-time, 3D measurements of the spine's alignment during scoliosis surgery. The team has received $600k in non-dilutive funding, including an NSF SBIR grant, and is now raising $1M to achieve all milestones until FDA clearance and M&A, which is anticipated in Q1 2021.


Spine Innovation

The Holmed Swivel Port System and full line of Spine Instruments, marketed and distributed globally by Spine Surgical Innovation, are designed for ease of use, high quality and high value. Elegant in its simplicity, intuitive in its design, the patented Swivel Port System and associated instruments for minimally invasive surgery provides simple, safe and easy tools that compliments your existing surgical technique. Offering the Minimum Incision, Maximum Sight Approach, with maximum “ sight” and visualization, the Swivel Port unique design fends off disruptive and time consuming “muscle creep” so common with tubular retractor systems. This comprehensive system has grown to six different sets of working ports configured and sized for both posterior and lateral lumbar approaches, including two new systems designed for posterior cervical procedures. For over two decades our designs are surgeon driven, our rich history and culture is focused on making surgical instruments and systems safe, easy to use and cost effective. We look forward to working with you in the near future to help support your objective review, evaluation and consideration of these truly innovative systems and instruments.


SST Wireless

Industrial IoT For Everyone. Acquiring and deploying industrial wireless sensors and gateways to monitor critical industrial equipment and heavy-duty vehicles should not be complicated or costly. Regardless of the in house expertise or resources available, SST Wireless enables our customers to deploy, setup, and gain new machine condition insights in minutes.


Stage One Capital – Returned 97% of investment in 2000

Stage One Capital is an early stage and seed investment group, focused on investments in internet, mobile apps, social media, cloud-based software, and new technology sectors. At Stage One we look for entrepreneurs with a novel idea to impact a market using innovative technology to address customers in that market.  The companies or ideas that we look for should be dynamic and bold, fundamentally shifting the playing field. As a partner to the companies we invest in, Stage One also provides a network of like-minded individuals.  These successful business executives and start-up founders help by acting as advisers.  This gives you, the founders, the ability to learn from these successful leaders. Stage One Capital is located in Austin and San Francisco


Steelhead Composites

Steelhead's advanced materials expertise positions the company as a leader in two of the fastest growing markets on earth. Steelhead's hydrogen storage solutions enable widespread zero-emission fuel cell electrification. Steelhead's lightweight solutions are critical for space launch and propulsion for rockets and satellites. The advanced manufacturing process, embracing advanced materials, fully digital shop floor and cutting-edge quality systems leads to numerous design wins and a leadership position in budding billion-dollar markets.



Cities across the U.S. are struggling with the costs associated with an unprecedented change in the strength and impact of storms. StormSensor creates smart urban watersheds by mapping how water moves through urban infrastructure and providing related insights to municipalities, prioritizing infrastructure spend at highest-impact areas.


Strategikon Pharma

Clinical Maestro™ by Strategikon Pharma is the only commercially available software platform for the end- to- end management of “clinical business operations”, which is the pharmaceutical industry vertical for planning, outsourcing and budgeting clinical trials. Biopharmaceutical companies outsource 90% of their clinical development pipeline spending billions of dollars engaging in highly complex outsourced relationships with thousands of global service providers, each using their own processes, systems and reporting structures. These sophisticated relationships require complex outsourcing strategies, demanding clinical financial planning, extensive sourcing due diligence and rigorous performance management. Currently the industry manages these activities in Excel, using labor intensive, inefficient processes, costing billions of dollars in infrastructure costs, regulatory non-compliance fines and delays to market. Clinical Maestro takes a radically different approach to the management of clinical portfolio through a transformative redesign of Excel-driven processes into end-to-end integrated workflows, breaking the communication and data integration siloes between pharma companies and their outsourcing partners. Clinical Maestro™ cases studies with leading pharmaceutical companies and CROs demonstrate savings of >75% vs. manual processes, >95% prediction accuracy for clinical study budgets and high user satisfaction and engagement. 


TEGA Therapeutics

TEGA is developing bioengineered heparin as an alternative to the current supply of heparin, 100% of which comes from pig intestines intestines and 80% of which comes from slaughterhouses in China. TEGA is also developing conjugates that enhanced the delivery of enzyme replacement therapies to the brain for Lysosomal Storage Disorders


Terecircuits Corporation

Terecircuits has developed novel circuit fabrication and assembly techniques that allow MicroLED-based displays and electronics products to be built at scale, 100x faster and with 10x greater accuracy than is achievable with today's best practices. Sector analysts at Yole Développement have stated that "without a manufacturing solution such as this, the next generation of displays will not be possible."



TextPower provides text messaging (SMS) solutions for mission-critical applications ranging from immediate communications with customers/staff to high security authentication of users. The company’s geo-redundant, clustered server configuration has had a 99.997% uptime rate since 2009. The company’s text messaging services help businesses enhance their revenues, decrease costs and improve customer service. TextPower’s patented authentication platform, TextKey™, provides multi-factor authentication to protect websites, VPNs and mobile apps by having users send a text message from their cell phone. This makes it more secure than regular two-factor authentication (2FA) and replaces the smartphone app, hardware token or security fob previously needed to verify the identity of online users for password-protected applications.


The Venue Report

The Venue Report is a digital media company with an exclusive invite-only directory of venue members. Our solution promotes gatherings, events and experiences by using a B2B2C custom platform connecting our collective beneficiaries: Celebrators (users); Venues; and Correspondents, (content contributors).


TherMark – Acquired by Ferro in 2015 (2.2x multiple)

TherMark Holdings, Inc. (“TherMark”), a leader in laser marking technology, markets laser marking materials and also licenses technology. TherMark’s unique patented technology uses precise lasers to quickly and permanently fuse marking materials to metals, ceramics, glass, plastics and other hard surfaces. The process creates high-contrast, high-resolution marks for purposes of decoration and identification. The specially formulated marking materials, supplied by Ferro, consist of glass-based ceramic glazing material and pigments, with the addition of a thermal absorber. Laser marking is used in a broad spectrum of industries including awards and recognition, signage, medical and surgical instruments, manufacturing, home appliances and décor. The technology is increasingly being used as a solution for component tracking, quality control and anti-counterfeiting in the automotive, aerospace, and perfume and cosmetics industries.


ThinkBox Group LLC

ThinkBox has the experience, expertise, project partners and capital relationships to support energy and water consumers and producers in developing, financing and executing projects that reduce costs, redevelop infrastructure, generate renewable power, positively impact the environment, provide jobs and training, and support local communities. We are a renewable energy development company focusing on energy and operations efficiency, power generation and storage, water conservation, operations technology, infrastructure redevelopment and community entrepreneurship targeting vulnerable populations.



THINKIQ: Most Industrial companies cannot manage their supply chain with the precision expected by the connected consumer. We drive buying decisions, reduce costs and avoid /mitigate abnormal conditions by deducing genealogy in real time. This is proven at General Mills where we have saved $30 million while improving quality and safety.


TinyKicks Inc.

Fetal motion predicts healthy birth outcomes.  Tiny Kicks, LLC develops a wireless smart sensor system that captures fetal movement with machine learning to predict and guide healthy pregnancy outcomes. The band aid like sensor consists of soft strain sensors and Bluetooth to send data to mom's phone. TK's passive sensor emits no unsafe energy.


Tot Squad

Tot Squad is a baby gear services company with the aim of becoming "Geek Squad" for the baby industry. With car seat safety techs now in 40 states and operations in 4 cities, revenues hit $250k in 2016 after a profitable proof of concept. On the verge of a contract with Uber and a newly signed MSA with buybuyBABY, we're poised to scale!


Tourmaline Labs

Tourmaline Labs - an AI Tech Company, is revolutionizing mobility, driver data insights and interpretation by recording billions of events via smartphone (or other data sources). With an easy-to-deploy SDK/API, the open platform enables companies to manage their shared economy fleets, improving efficiency, driver behavior and vendor selection.



The TrackR series of products (TrackR sticker, TrackR wallet, and most recently TrackR bravo) was developed by TrackR, a Santa Barbara, CA-based startup company, originally named Phone Halo. The company was founded by Chris Herbert and Christian Smith, two UC Santa Barbara graduates who met during their college years. The idea for TrackR began when Chris almost lost his car to the Pacific Ocean because he couldn’t find his keys, ultimately redefining the definition of beach side parking. After brainstorming a solution, Chris and Christian entered into the UC Santa Barbara business plan competition and won. Since that time, several revisions of Phone Halo have been released including Cobra Tag, inSite, TrackR wallet and TrackR sticker. Each better than the last. Over a quarter of a million devices later, the team is proud to announce TrackR bravo and represents the original vision for the company of taking the database of items in your head and moving that to your phone. TrackR is a crowdfunding pioneer, having raised more than $2 million on IndieGoGo here, here and here. In October, 2015, TrackR announced $8.7 million in A round funding led by Foundry Group. In May, 2016, an investment in TrackR by Amazon.com was reported, to develop an interface between TrackR device and the Amazon's Echo device and Alexa virtual assistant.



TradeYa! is a social trading platform that allows users to find things they want in exchange for things they already own or services they can provide.



Tradiv's online marketplace connects cultivators, infused product manufacturers, and dispensaries. Tradiv members can list products for sale and shop online, 24/7. No more lengthy phone calls, countless text messages, or quality control guesswork. We are currently accepting licensed businesses in Colorado only, but we look forward to serving our friends in Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, and regulated municipalities in California, very soon.



Trials.ai leverages artificial intelligence to accelerate clinical trials management - because patients don’t have time to wait



Transcepta connects Procurement and Accounts Payable professionals with their suppliers, enabling everyone to achieve greater profitability. Every day, thousands of companies access the Transcepta Network to improve e-invoicing and procure-to-pay processes, drive financial value across the supply chain, and communicate dynamically. Since 2005, the world’s most respected companies have chosen Transcepta. Transcepta is headquartered in Aliso Viejo, CA. Transcepta offers clients and suppliers unique methods of transacting and communicating with each other. While suppliers are connected faster than with other networks, they are also given multiple connection options to choose from. Clients then take advantage of different levels of invoice validations, each designed for a different supplier or invoice profile, to achieve 100% straight-through processing. Transcepta connects to virtually any ERP or accounting system, and is the only supplier network with an Oracle Validated Integration.



TranscribeMe's transcription is the most cost-effective option to meet your needs, with both basic services and premium-level features. Special discounts are also available for large volume projects, and we support multiple transcription output style guides, output formats and project requirements. We use a proprietary multi-step review process that ensures the highest level of accuracy and quality in all transcriptions we deliver. Our guarantee is a minimum of 98% quality in all the work we do, and we will re-do any work that doesn’t meet our accuracy guarantee. Our proprietary platform leverages speech recognition algorithms and the world’s largest crowd of transcribers and translators, providing you with the fastest turnaround time for your project. TranscribeMe ensures that your transcript output is delivered on time to meet your project timeline. TranscribeMe’s unique micro-tasking process segments each part of your audio into small sections. As a result, each transcriber only has access to a small portion of your content in an encrypted and confidential environment. Our HIPAA-compliant service is built on the Microsoft Azure Cloud, which securely stores your information and offers best-in-class security. We have tens of thousands of transcribers and translators working on our platform and can take on very large scale projects for quick and accurate delivery. Depending on your volume and requirements, we can also build specialized segments in our crowd to handle any size project anywhere in the world.



Transmodus provides clients with check and eCheck (ACH) payment solutions utilizing our Service-oriented Architecture (SOA). These solutions provide improved workflow for deposits, funding, posting to account systems, returns handling, electronic recovery and automated secondary collections. Our solutions are also made available to clients through our bank and software channel partners. transmodus launched the first online check processing platform in 2002.



TriNet 4747 Executive Drive, Suite 210 San Diego, CA 92121 TriNet provides small and midsize businesses with a full-service HR solution so they can free themselves from the complexities of HR and focus on their goals. As their trusted HR business partner, TriNet assumes many of the responsibilities of being an employer and helps these companies contain HR costs, minimize employer-related risks and relieve the administrative burden of HR. TriNet offers bundled HR products tailored by industry and strategic HR services, resulting in a comprehensive and empowering solution. Contact: Mishima San mishima.san@trinet.com 510.875.7218    


TRIO Pharmaceuticals

TRIO = TOXICITY REDUCTION IN ONCOLOGY TRIO = TERMINATING RESISTANCE IN ONCOLOGY TRIO Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a cancer immunotherapeutics company pioneering dual action drugs to generate immunogenic tumors. TRIO's innovative antibody drugs directly stop tumor growth and selectively stop immunosuppression in the tumor without targeting the current immune checkpoint pathways. TRIO is developing a proprietary platform of dual action tumor immunity enhancing drugs aimed at treating cancers of high unmet medical needs by targeting specific antigens on the cancer cells and immunosuppressor cells. TRIO has an experienced team that has developed first-in-class FDA-approved drugs. Contact us.


Trius Therapeutics (formerly Rx3 Pharmaceuticals) – IPO in 2010 – Acquired by Cubic Pharmaceuticals for $704 million in 2013 (3x multiple)

Trius Therapeutics is discovering and developing innovative antibacterial drugs for the treatment of life-threatening infections. The company's lead product candidate, TR-701 is a novel oral and IV oxazolidinone antibiotic with potent activity against Gram positive bacterial pathogens. Trius' pipeline includes three additional structure-based drug design programs directed against novel antibacterial targets.


Truecar (formerly Zag) – IPO (TRUE) in 2014 (75x multiple)

Registered TrueCar members get access to a network of more than 9,000+ Certified Dealers who are committed to price transparency and upfront pricing. Members also have access to our mobile Price Check tool that provides upfront pricing on any new car available on Certified Dealer lots nationwide. Only registered TrueCar users receive Guaranteed Savings on more than 1 million in-stock vehicles nationwide. Our Certified Dealers will search their inventory to find a vehicle that matches your preferences and provide your Guaranteed Savings up front.


Trust & Will

Trust & Will is the easiest way to digitally create, edit, store, and share your trust and will. We are modernizing the $170B estate planning market, with a modern, intelligent user experience with relevant asset classes for a digital consumer. Our customers are the 30M people planning to make a will in the next 5 years.



The idea for TrustEgg was born in November, 2005 when founder Jeff Brice wanted to begin saving for his niece’s future (who was about an hour old at the time). He wanted an easy-to-use solution that could be shared with the entire family, but he came up empty. Remember, this was back in the dark ages, when FaceBook only had a few million accounts and Twitter was just a glimmer in Jack Dorsey’s eye. Flash forward seven years, with social networks instantaneously connecting people across the country and globe, it’s never been easier to share and connect with friends and family, but there’s still not a simple, high quality child savings product that’s built for the social web.


Turn Technologies, Inc.

Turn builds solutions for the 1099 labor supply side of the gig economy. Many on-demand companies -- from new startups to more established companies like Saucey and Rinse -- use Turn’s modern, online identity screening platform to help manage their contingent workforces. Our near real-time processing of worker background checks, affordability, and full FCRA compliance provides gig platforms the assurances they need to onboard their workforce seamlessly and scale more efficiently. Turn combines it’s worker identity infrastructure with a set of future applications for new business models in the gig economy overcoming some of the early challenges in managing the 1099 workforce and navigating the regulatory uncertainty inherent to contingent labor. We work closely with our partners to launch new capabilities that will address the labor inefficiency that has plagued version 1.0 of the gig economy.



Twigtale is the first company to provide parents with personalized, high-quality, accessible expert advice for every major transition a child undergoes, such as welcoming a new baby, moving, even experiencing death or cancer. The personalized stories are scripted by child development experts, then personalized by parents. The books are engaging for kids and a powerful playbooks for parents. Customers are parents, groups, partners & sponsors.


UnbookedAppointments (formerly GoBookIt)

Unbooked Appointments is a marketplace for people to find and book appointments for health, beauty and home services at the best prices and times. We are  a patent-pending promotional platform for selling the discounted excess inventory of unbooked appointments in the massive services industry. It integrates with and adds value to hundreds of high-traffic partners via an enticing call-to-action button on a provider’s business listing or menu of services, any- where they may be discovered on the web.


Unlicensed Chimp Technology

Unlicensed Chimp Technology transforms a Message to an Experience. Millennials are not interested in just seeing, hearing or imagining your brand or message. They want to experience it for themselves. They want to be it. Brands used to connect with consumers using words, pictures, songs and emotional hooks. Things have changed. No matter how visually stunning, humorously clever or powerfully emotional your message is, it is getting lost. UCT provides what millennials want: A fully immersive experience. UCT seamlessly weaves a sponsor’s message and story into events, wherever people congregate to share a communal adventure in Sports, Music and Festivals. Participants walk away with excitement, stories and memories that they will continue to share - Memories of the event, the experience, the community – and with new feelings about the sponsor who provided it. UCT technologies and solutions offer a bold new choice for sponsors who want to resonate with millennials and other desired demographics.


Upcycle and Company

Upcycle and Company: Native Soil Fertilizer is engineered to grow better plants and improve soil quality by upcycling waste materials into high quality agricultural products at the same cost as chemical fertilizers. It improves soil quality, helps reduce watering needs, and prevents nutrient runoff into the environment.



URB-E: The lack of parking, traffic, and increasing demand for same-day deliveries, make last-mile grocery, food and package delivery challenging and expensive. We develop foldable urban delivery solutions for companies that are rapidly expanding their on-demand delivery services.


Used Cardboard Boxes, Inc.

UsedCardboardBoxes.com takes an innovative approach to providing low-cost, earth-friendly moving boxes. We "rescue" truckloads of quality used boxes from large companies that might otherwise recycle them or simply throw them away. We bring the boxes back to one of our regional distribution centers where they are inspected and sorted by size and shape. Boxes that meet our strict requirements for quality, shape and strength are pre-packed (along with convenient accessories) into our low-cost, earth-friendly "stacks" and "kits". We then "resell" those boxes to customers all across the USA, via our website. We offer free shipping on any residential order and guarantee delivery in 1-2 business days. As we like to say, you don't have cut down a tree to make a used cardboard box! UsedCardboardBoxes.com strives to be a zero-waste company. We recycle any boxes that don't meet our strict quality, shape and strength criteria by sending them to a traditional recycling company. UsedCardboardBoxes.com is a win/win/win/win/win: for our suppliers, customers, employees, shareholders and the environment! Many people think using a cardboard box once and sending it to the traditional recyclers is the most responsible way to help the environment. In fact, most boxes that are sent to recyclers are actually being prematurely terminated! The process of recycling cardboard boxes requires a great deal of energy, chemicals and emissions that have their own negative impact on our environment - not to mention all the trees that still have to be cut down to make new boxes (even if they are advertised as containing some recycled content). [...]


Ushr (a spinoff of Airborne 1/Geodigital) – Acquired by Dynamic Map Platform Co. Ltd for $181 Million in 2019

Airborne 1 is the offspring of a consulting engagement with the Center for Technological Innovation, a joint venture between the National Oceanographic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and IC2, the premier business incubator and technology transfer program in the United States. The goal was simple: by taking lessons learned from NASA's very successful Tech Transfer program, the sister agency NOAA had a successful model to follow. Our contract called for us to explore the commercialization of LiDAR.



Veriskin has developed a proprietary, non-invasive, low-cost, hand-held device that aids a non-expert user to rapidly and objectively determine whether a suspect skin lesion is cancerous, thereby saving lives and eliminating unneeded referrals and biopsies.


Vigilistics – Acquired by SafetyChain Software in 2016 (no return of capital)

Vigilistics is transforming food and beverage manufacturing, with patented software solutions that monitor, record and analyze the huge volumes of hard-to-reach process data, to deliver actionable real-time intelligence to managers. Our FDA-validated software is now helping some of the largest food and beverage manufacturers in the world — including Nestle, Kroger, Dean Foods, and more — to operate more efficiently and effectively. Enhanced Visibility. Greater Knowledge. Increased Control.



Universities are not preparing students for sales. Virtanza is solving the problem providing the only white-labeled scalable sales training platform and collection of programs in the university system and connected to employers.


Virtual Metrix

VirtualMetrix, Inc. was founded in 2005 to develop performance management solutions for microprocessor based devices emphasizing lower energy consumption and higher efficiency for applications sharing one or more processors.  The Company has filed for a patent protection covering its breakthrough technology. VirtualMetrix, Inc. is privately funded, headquartered in the US and has a subsidiary, VirtualMetrix Design SRL, located in Bucharest, Romania where most of the R&D work is performed.



Visgenx is developing therapeutics for Age-Related Macular Degeneration a condition with no approved products and affecting > 196 million worldwide. The therapeutics are based on restoring the age-related dysfunction in the gene underlying the disorder. Our products include a fast to market repurposed drug and a gene therapy solution.


Visicell Medical Inc.

Visicell, “GPS for cell therapy”, provides non-invasive, imaging-based solutions to customers in a multi-billion dollar cell therapy industry. Our patent-pending solutions track therapeutic cells in the body and arm our users with rapid clinical information allowing for timely decision making on treatment strategy for better patient care.


Vital Therapies – IPO (VTL) in 2014 (3.3x multiple)

Vital Therapies, Inc. (VTI) is targeting the treatment of liver disease and is developing the first human liver cell-based ELAD® which is in investigational clinical trials in USA and China. VTI was formed in 2003 and is based in San Diego, California, USA, with a subsidiary in Beijing, China. ELAD manufacturing is carried out in San Diego in a GMP compliant facility. Manufacturing capacity was expanded during 2008 to produce cartridges for both clinical trials and potential commercialization. Systems to transport cartridges to point of care worldwide within 24 hours have been developed. ELAD ELAD has been designed to stabilize liver function in patients with life-threatening, acute liver failure by processing toxins and synthesizing proteins that are key products of normal human liver function, possibly enabling a bridge to transplant or liver recovery. Clinical Trials Six human studies have been completed China The pivotal China trial enrolled 49 patients and was carried out to support the registration of ELAD in China. It demonstrated statistically significant improvement in transplant free survival for acute-on-chronic liver failure patients treated with ELAD compared to the control group. These were mostly hepatitis B patients. VTI filed an application for marketing approval with the China SFDA in September 2007 and this application remains under review. These results remain to be confirmed in studies outside China. Liver Disease The World Health Organization recognizes liver disease as a significant health problem. Liver transplantation is the only therapy proven to extend survival in liver failure patients, but the waiting list for liver transplants is extensive [...]


Voit Real Estate Services

At Voit Real Estate Services, we believe our people are our greatest asset. By combining our industry-leading market research capabilities, a wide range of resources and an extensive training platform coupled with the strength and stability of one the most enduring names in Southern California commercial real estate, our professionals are equipped to provide our clients with unparalleled, best in class service. As a broker owned firm, Voit’s team members have the freedom and creativity to find the best solutions tailored to their clients’ needs, without a lot of corporate rules or bureaucracy to navigate.   Voit Real Estate Services 2020 Main Street, Suite 100 Irvine, CA 92614



The VYRL Engine is a suite of mobile and web technologies including the VYRL App, VYRL Store, VYRL Experiences, VYRL Content Market, & VYRL Collabs enabling influencers and companies around the world to work with each other regardless of industry education, size, or budget in a matter of seconds and with just 2 clicks. 


WeGoLook – Acquired by Crawford & Co (majority stake) in 2016 (8x multiple)

WeGoLook is changing the way businesses and individuals collect or verify information to make decisions while getting more done. With the click of a button, one of our 20,000+ Lookers can be dispatched at a moment's notice to collect real-time data, photos or video and complete tasks on your behalf. From automotive and property inspections to insurance claims, notary services, and auction item verification, WeGoLook puts an immense mobile workforce at your fingertips. Our platform combines mobility plus manpower to serve as your feet on the street, delivering real time, efficient solutions customized to fit your business or personal needs.



Whistle is a customer service communication tool providing hotels the ability to communicate with guests through Mobile Messaging and SMS. A regular phone number with a hotel's local area code is issued, and guests continue their regular messaging behaviors with the hotel. Virtual, consolidated cellphone for a business' entire staff.


WiseWindow – Acquired by KPMG in 2012 (10x multiple)

WiseWindow is a private data provider of unstructured "big data" sentiment, used in real-time business intelligence. The company, now part of KPMG, is based in Irvine, California and has 25 full-time employees. WiseWindow's patented web analytics system, Mass Opinion Business Intelligence (MOBI) analyzes and classifies comments made online and distills the information into a pre-defined, structured database. The company has shown "the predictive value of cluster analysis by applying it to social media content."


WiSpry – Acquired by AAC Technologies in 2015 (returned some capital)

The Future of Wireless is WiSpry! WiSprys is a fabless RF semiconductor company that has developed truly disruptive technologies for the wireless market. WiSpry brings significant performance improvements, size and cost reduction benefits to mobile handset manufacturers and network operators. This is achieved by on-chip integration of dynamically tunable RF elements into mobile handset front-end circuits. The key to WiSpry’s technology is the integration of patented RF- micro-electro-mechanical–systems (MEMS) devices with industry standard RF-CMOS...


Wonder Technologies

Wonder is a revolutionary marketplace for people to discover and purchase e-gift cards from virtually any national retailer and local specialty store in the United States. Wonder's patent pending technology allows consumers to effortlessly and discretely redeem gift cards at any merchant by paying as usual with their credit card, while never losing or forgetting a gift card again.


xAd, Inc (formerly V-Enable)

xAd provides real-time, location-based marketing, without the guesswork. Since 2009, xAd has grown from four founders to hundreds of employees across three continents that serve millions of consumers and marketers. Find out more about our journey and what drives our team.



Yapert is the world’s first social network built for fans to engage with musicians, celebrities, athletes, fitness stars, designers, and more. We deliver simple and beautiful experiences that fans love.



IMMERSIVE STREAMING. YBVR pushes boundaries, transforming live event streams into an immersive and social experience. Fans can enjoy superior video quality in 8K at the lowest bandwidth on any device.



Yobi is a cloud-based store management platform offering order fulfillment, sales and inventory management, as well as a basic customer CRM. We utilize an open API to allow third-party service integrations to connect with bookkeeping, delivery, loyalty, and compliance services.



YouMail, Inc provides imaginative, intelligent, cloud-based telecommunication services. These include its free app-based service to block robocalls, and its premium call management services for people who use their mobile phone for business. YouMail's services free users from limitations of their mobile phone or carrier – protecting against unwanted calls, helping them handle high volumes of mobile calls, unifying virtual numbers with their cell number, and providing personalized answering experiences for their callers. YouMail has stopped over a billion robocalls, has given hundreds of millions of callers the experience they deserve, and has delighted millions of users. YouMail, Inc. was founded in 2007 and is privately funded.


Yowza!! – Acquired by Spindle in 2013 (1x multiple)

Yowza!! is savings in your pocket — literally. You spent a pretty penny on your iPhone or Android to own the very best, but that doesn't mean you want to spend more than you absolutely have to on anything else. Yowza!! Mobile Coupons are here to help you out with that no matter where you are or what you need. We've got deals on everything from a nice, new outfit to a lovely, delicious dinner. The deals on Yowza!! come straight from the merchants and are tailored for our users. These aren't just a bunch of coupons we found on the internet. We went to each merchant on your behalf and got them on board. And we're not done! More merchants and deals are being added every day. Since Yowza!! is an smartphone app, it will keep to itself until you want to use it: no SMS messages badgering you with offers and no spam. We go after the offers and put them on your smartphone for you to use when you're ready: when you're out shopping and want to come away with a sweet deal.