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  • Angel Capital Association’s Angel Funders Report
    • 2020 ACA AFR: The ACA Angel Funders Report 2020 is a deep dive into investment trends reflecting a growing North American angel ecosystem, benefitting communities with innovative new companies and jobs. The report is based on information collected from a variety of ACA member groups, including some of the most active investing communities. The Angel Funders Report analyzes angel capital investments made during 2019, and features profiles, stories, and insights from leading angel investors and startup company executives. The report also includes initial perspectives regarding the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the investing ecosystem.
    • 2019 ACA AFR: The 2019 Angel Funders Report to provide angels with insights on the factors that affect the outcomes of startup investments.
    • 2018 Angel Investing By the Numbers: ACA’s Angel Funders Pilot Report: This webinar was presented on December 5, 2018 by TCA’s Chairman Emeritus Steve Flaim. ACA has launched a major strategic initiative, the Angel Funders Report, to collect member investment data for the kind of analysis that can help significantly drive further returns.  From valuation norms and round size data to syndication trends, term patterns and exit timing, the Angel Funders Report promises to provide angels with information on factors that impact the outcomes of startup investments.  This pilot report covers 2017 data from the initial (beta) set of 26 angel groups
  • Latest Annual Halo Report on Angel Investing and Startup Trends from Angel Resource Institute. This report is an overview of trends in angel investing. Since 2018, many angel groups have shifted to reporting their data to ACA’s Angel Funders Report, so Halo has become incomplete.
  • Angel Resource Institute’s Kauffman Guidebook to Develop the Right Angel Organization for Your Community

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