Habitu8 – Acquired by Arctic Wolf in 2021 (2.1x multiple)2021-11-22T18:27:42-08:00
BetaBlocks Company2019-02-21T16:16:34-08:00
Haxiot – Acquired by Digi International in 2021 (91% return of capital)2021-09-12T09:35:18-08:00
Factorial (Niles AI)2017-11-07T23:46:51-08:00
Conectric Networks2017-04-13T15:46:52-08:00
OnRamp BioInformatics, Inc.2017-04-13T15:40:21-08:00
Mobilize Solutions2017-01-29T17:46:43-08:00
eTeam – Acquired by NC4 in 2006 (some return of capital)2021-09-12T09:09:57-08:00
Multistat – Sale of IP (some return of capital)2021-09-12T08:57:32-08:00
MindBody – IPO (MB) in 2015 (264x return)2021-09-12T07:59:02-08:00
Greenplum (formerly Metapa) – Acquired by EMC in 2010 (3.3x multiple)2021-09-12T08:52:30-08:00
IndX Software Corporation – Acquired by Siemens in 2003 (some return of capital)2021-09-12T12:15:53-08:00
Dispatch & Tracking Solutions (formerly ETAK) – Acquired in 2008 (some return of capital)2021-09-18T16:43:20-08:00
CrowdTorch (formerly LaughStub) – Acquired by Cvent in 2012, then by Vendini in 2015 (2x multiple)2021-09-12T08:45:37-08:00
Cognition Technologies – Acquired by Nuance in 2013 (2x return)2021-09-12T08:39:10-08:00
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