LIMBER Prosthetics & Orthotics2023-08-15T12:05:58-08:00
Maxwell Biomedical2020-08-09T17:25:51-08:00
Terecircuits Corporation2020-08-09T17:19:22-08:00
Razberi Technologies – Acquired by Communication Networks in 2020 (some return of capital)2021-09-12T12:28:41-08:00
Habitu8 – Acquired by Arctic Wolf in 2021 (2.1x multiple)2021-11-22T18:27:42-08:00
ClearCare – Exit via Battery Ventures investment in 2016 (3.2x multiple)2021-09-12T08:03:08-08:00
BetaBlocks Company2019-02-21T16:16:34-08:00
Conectric Networks2017-04-13T15:46:52-08:00
Discover Echo – Acquired by Cellink for $110 million in 2021 (5x multiple)2021-09-12T09:33:13-08:00
Gray Scale Technologies – Some return of capital in 20022021-09-12T09:23:28-08:00
Ondax – Acquired by Coherent in 2018 (2x multiple)2021-09-12T08:16:24-08:00
One Stop Systems – IPO on NASDAQ as OSS in 2018 (10x multiple)2021-09-12T08:12:34-08:00
Agile Nanotech – (some return of capital)2021-09-12T08:35:24-08:00
Luxim (merged with Luma Group in 2013)2016-02-04T20:17:03-08:00
WiSpry – Acquired by AAC Technologies in 2015 (returned some capital)2021-09-12T08:00:28-08:00
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