The BizBuyer is part of the Centre Group of companies.
The Group consists of a vast range of business related companies. Some of the notable companies in the group include: Worldwide company registration agents. Over 400,000 companies registered globally over the past 8 years. Graphics design services. Over 60,000 projects completed. Leading edge software house. Developed infiniMation one of the largest software projects in the history of IT, with over 60 million lines of code and 5000 modules. Global accounting services company, which has prepared and filed 94,000 tax accounts in 5 continents over an 8 year period. Global translations services, with over 15,000 projects completed.
We support a wide range of government and industry standards

  • Our enterprise software has been approved for E Filing by the HMRC.
  • Our company management software has been approved by companies house for efiling.
  • From our inception we have implemented the 6 Sigma quality standard