Fantasy Sports Co.2018-08-04T18:47:31-08:00
Mobilize Solutions2017-01-29T17:46:43-08:00
Interplay Learning2016-12-20T22:01:50-08:00
Hipmunk – Acquired by Concur for $58 million in 2016 (some return of capital)2021-09-12T09:37:10-08:00
WholesaleExchange – Some return of capital in 20002021-09-12T09:26:07-08:00
RealAge – Acquired by Hearst Magazines in 2007 (and then by Shareware in 2012) (2x multiple)2021-09-12T09:06:43-08:00
Hookit (formerly Loop’d Network) – Acquired by Sponsor House in 2014 (1.4x multiple)2021-09-12T08:25:24-08:00
WeGoLook – Acquired by Crawford & Co (majority stake) in 2016 (8x multiple)2021-09-12T08:08:32-08:00
Now Commerce (formerly Santrio, Inc.)2016-05-02T14:19:53-08:00
Dthera Sciences (formerly EveryStory)2022-03-02T10:24:09-08:00
Liquid Grids (Swarmology)2016-03-10T03:58:52-08:00
Cloud Sight (formerly Image Searcher)2016-03-10T03:57:07-08:00
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