CytomX is unlocking the potential of antibody therapeutics in oncology by developing a novel therapeutic antibody class of highly targeted Probody™ therapeutics.

Our novel Probody Platform allows us to design drugs that selectively activate in the tumor microenvironment while reducing drug activity in healthy tissue and in circulation. This unique ability to localize therapeutic effects to the tumor reduces systemic toxicity, with potential for safer and more effective therapies for a broad array of validated and previously inaccessible oncology targets.

Driven by a vision to transform patient lives, we are advancing multiple Probody cancer immunotherapies and Probody drug conjugates toward clinical investigation, while also applying our technology to bispecific T-cell engaging antibodies and ProCAR-NK cell therapies.

The Probody Platform has attracted strategic partnerships with leading pharmaceutical companies and research institutions, including AbbVie™, Bristol-Myers Squibb™, Pfizer™, ImmunoGen™ and MD Anderson Cancer Center™. Through these and other collaborations, we broaden the reach of our technology.