Welcome to TCA Venture Group (TCA or TCA VG), where innovation meets opportunity, and the spirit of entrepreneurship thrives. Formerly known as Tech Coast Angels, our not-for-profit organization has been a driving force in the angel investment community since 1997. Consistently ranked among the top five angel investment groups in the U.S., TCA Venture Group has evolved into a dynamic ecosystem that goes beyond traditional boundaries.

Throughout its 27-year history, TCA has been a trailblazer in the angel community, and the organization has outgrown the conventional associations with its “angel” name. Although technology remains a fundamental aspect and underpinning of its investments, the angel network has deepened its diversification into many industries and geographies, far beyond the confines of the Southern California “Tech Coast.” With its larger geographic reach and through collaborations and alliances with investment groups across the country, half of its investments are now outside the region. It has broadened investments to include later stage seed funding, early A-round funding, and with its several chapter funds that offer investment diversification for its members.

TCA Venture Group itself consists of more than 400 accredited investors who have been experienced C-Level executives, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, professionals, and more. TCA Venture Group members are not just investors; they are mentors and strategic partners who actively contribute their time, expertise, and capital to help companies succeed. With outstanding deal flow and a streamlined screening process, TCA VG maintains its reputation for excellence in due diligence.

Since inception, TCA VG has invested over $280 million in 544 companies, attracting an additional $2.1 billion in follow-on rounds. Proudly one of the largest and most active angel investor groups nationally, we consistently rank in the top three for deals funded, amounts invested, and membership size, investing $15-21 million annually from 2019 to 2022.

TCA is more than just a source of funding; it’s a community of founders and business leaders dedicated to nurturing the next generation of successful companies. Our members bring real-world experience, offering not only capital but also invaluable counsel, mentoring, and access to a vast network of resources.

Recent accolades, such as being rated #2 nationally in funded deals by the HALO Report and achieving top rankings in “Network Centrality” and “Investor Mosaic,” highlight the success and impact of TCA. As the Most Active Angel Network in the World according to TiE, TCA numbers reflect the collective strength of individual investments and contributions from regional TCA Network funds.

TCA Venture Group is currently comprised of five networks: TCA Los Angeles, TCA Orange County, TCA Inland Empire, and licensees Pasadena Angels and MEDA Angels. Each network (as a member of TCA Venture Group) holds screening sessions, normally semi-monthly, where entrepreneurs present their companies and investment opportunity to the TCA membership. While a member joins a specific network, he/she is able to and encouraged to participate in any other network’s activity — including training sessions, seminars, special meetings between entrepreneurs and investors and other events.

Mindful of our commitment to startup capital traditions, TCA VG members collaborate on deal flow and due diligence, making individual investment decisions via side cars or through our four funds available through TCA OC, TCA LA, Pasadena Angels, and MEDA Angels. This approach facilitates instant diversification and risk reduction under a common term sheet, allowing investments in diverse industries. All investments are made under a common term sheet. Not limited to a specific technology, industry, or geographic location, each member can invest in exciting companies in a wide range of industries including biotech, pharma, medtech, consumer products, Internet, IT, media, software and environmentally sustainable opportunities.

TCA Venture Group is a catalyst for the thriving technology and entrepreneurial ecosystem. TCA Venture Group members actively engage in the community, participating in events, conferences, and teaching at local universities educational initiatives. TCA Crossroads, its regularly scheduled podcast, further extends its reach, providing valuable insights and interviews with key players in the angel and venture capital community as well as discussions with entrepreneurs who share their success stories.

Our extensive relationships with the venture capital community, incubators, accelerators, and economic development agencies, including Chambers of Commerce and Small Business Development Centers funded by the Small Business Administration, ensure a full deal pipeline, critical for creating a high-quality, diversified pool of investments.

TCA has extensive relationships with universities, incubators, accelerators, investment groups such as the Angel Syndication Network of more than 50 angel groups across the country. It partners with economic development agencies including Chambers of Commerce and Small Business Development Centers. Together, these associations ensure a robust deal pipeline and increased brand presence. We are committed to keeping our members proud of their association with TCA, offering them access to a high-quality, diversified pool of investment opportunities.

Join us at TCA Venture Group, where passion meets purpose, and together, we shape the future of innovation and entrepreneurship.


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