WiseWindow – Acquired by KPMG in 2012 (10x multiple)2021-09-12T08:47:43-08:00
TherMark – Acquired by Ferro in 2015 (2.2x multiple)2021-09-12T07:58:16-08:00
IP3 Networks, Inc. – Acquired by Second Rule LLC in 20062021-09-12T12:20:42-08:00
Allylix – Acquired by Evolva in 2014 (2.6x multiple)2021-09-12T08:26:05-08:00
BizBuyer – Acquired by SmarterWork in 2000 (Some return of capital)2021-09-12T12:40:49-08:00
CadForce – Acquired by Neilsoft in 2008 (1.6x multiple)2021-09-12T08:59:47-08:00
Real Deal Docs (formerly Practice Technologies)2016-03-08T05:39:31-08:00
Schlep & Fetch2016-03-03T06:56:01-08:00
Parcel Pending – Acquired by Neopost for $100M+ in 2019 (19x multiple)2021-09-12T08:20:24-08:00
CaseStack – Acquired by Hub Inc. for $255M in 2018 (15x multiple)2021-09-12T08:14:13-08:00
Lytx (formerly DriveCam) — Acquired by GTCR for $500 Million in 2016 (12x multiple)2021-09-12T08:49:55-08:00
GazelleLab – Some return of capital in 20002021-09-12T09:27:29-08:00
Cargo Tech – Acquired by Cold PacK System in 2006 (1.6x multiple)2021-09-12T09:10:53-08:00
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