Since 2003, TCA has been an innovator in Angel Investing by deploying a series of sidecar funds that invest alongside individual members.  The first incarnation was called Seraphim Fund, and that was followed by ACE Fund 1, ACE Fund 2 and ACE Fund 3.

The current structure is through annual funds associated with each of TCA’s three largest chapters:

  • TCA-SD’s ACE Annual Funds are annual funds making investments of $250K, $300K and $500K. The first 3 ACE Annual Funds (ACE 19 – ACE 21) have grown from 112 – 210 members and $2.2M to $4.7M between ACE 19 and ACE 21. More info is available at
  • TCA-OC’s inaugural annual fund (TCA OC Fund 20) provided seed capital to 19 promising early-stage companies in a myriad of industries. TCA OC is now actively searching for disruptive early-stage companies for TCA OC Fund 21. Fund 21 is now active, in search mode, seeking to provide startup capital and mentorship to deserving entrepreneurs. Like the first fund, TCA OC Fund 21 will typically invest between $100K to $250K, with members often investing individually alongside the Fund.
  • TCA LA’s Annual Funds are annual funds making $100k minimum investments up to $200k. The first TCA LA Fund I had $1.2M from 55 members while TCA LA Fund II has exceeded $1.2M and remains open for new TCA members through Q1 2021. More info is available at

Tech Coast Angels (TCA) created the Angel Capital Entrepreneur Funds I, 2, and 3 (ACE FUND) as an investment opportunity to both accredited individuals and institutional investors. The ACE FUND provided investors with the opportunity to participate in a diverse pool of dynamic early stage companies selected utilizing the vast expertise and experience of the TCA and its membership. The ACE FUND focused on companies with early exit potential providing investors with early liquidity. One of the most important benefits for members of the ACE FUND was access to deals closed to angel networks such as TCA because they may have been oversubscribed, or are from geographic areas not visible to TCA or its partners. ACE Funds I,II, and III are closed to new investments. View the ACE Fund III PPT presentation by Dave Berkus HERE.

ACE Fund Allocations