Sebastian Amengual is the co-founder and CTO of YBVR, a virtual reality (VR) software company creating immersive virtual experiences for sports fans around the globe. In today’s ‘How Did You Do It?’We sat down with Sebastian to learn how YBVR has been able to partner with such huge corporations. 

Interviewee: Sebastian Amengual (SA)

Interviewer: Stefani Rios (TCA)

TCA: Sebastian, What is YBVR?

SA: At YBVR, our goal is to provide fans with the ultimate gameday experience by using VR. With YBVR, you can be transported to the front row of a sporting event, without ever leaving your couch. We cover everything that is needed to produce immersive sports experiences. Since we are working with a brand-new ecosystem, we control everything from capturing the content to processing it into a suitable VR format. 

TCA: What types of games can users watch?

SA: We are the exclusive partner for the NBA season pass. If you want to watch NBA games in VR, our app is the only place you can do it. We also have partnerships with NASCAR and UFC.

TCA: How did you earn contracts with such big leagues?

SA: One of the keys to how we did this was through finding good allies and partnering with key players in this industry. We have a multi-year partnership with Meta which has opened so many doors for us, including our NBA contract. Through this partnership, every time a sports league wants to partner with Meta, a leader in the VR space, our name is brought up. 

TCA: It is amazing to see how Meta was able to connect you with these big names in the sports industry. I also think it is super important to point out that quality connections are so importantHow were you able to secure a partnership with a key player like Meta?

SA: We were fortunate to have contacts with some of the individuals that work for Meta and because our headquarters is so close to theirs it was very convenient. Once we had our first meeting, our product really spoke for itself and they loved it.  We continued to have more meetings within Meta allowing us to become very well known to their team. They officially reached out for a partnership 3 years ago and it has been going great ever since. 

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